Child labour

all work considered

Looking for work as a yard helper. All work considered, no jobs too small. Reasonable rates.

Yes, I’m kidding.

I swear, if she didn’t exit via my birth canal

Me: Do you want to wear this dress?

(It’s a dress I bought for my niece that she has since outgrown and it’s been handed down.)

Anne: Yes! I like it! … it’s got flowers!


Ignorance is strength

What is the government trying to hide?, asks Andrew Loh. According to the PAP-led government, only the Lee Kuan Yew version of Singapore’s (post-war-leading-to-independence) history is the correct one, all other potentially dissenting accounts are self-serving, a threat to national security, or virtually inciting violence (i.e, the national security argument again).

It’s a tough one. Singaporeans have been coddled for so long that we are certainly very immature in some ways, but we’re not idiots. Trying to control the official version of history only serves to make the defenders look even more out of touch with reality.

Via Lucian Teo on Facebook.

Two interesting differences between Singapore and the UK

  1. We saw a five-or six-year old Caucasian kid running alone through a hawker centre, presumably off to buy something, and no parent running and shouting after her.
  2. Several groups of locals stopped to openly shoot photos and videos of Anne running around in a water fountain (essentially a splash park) at Clarke Quay, and no one seemed concerned they might be accused of being a paedo.
Clarke Quay fountain

Eh, what time is it?

Amid the haze of Anne’s jet lag (read: up at midnight, demanding milk! grapes! movie Elsa! water! something to eat! crisps! story Anna! Hello Kitty Cat book!, kicking me in the head while watching ‘movie Elsa’), a couple of things where I do agree extreme action is needed:

  • This PUA is pretty scummy and shouldn’t be allowed to peddle his abusive shite anywhere. Sure, some people need to learn to appear more self-confident to get dates, but to actually promote debasing someone in order to get laid? Someone sort this fucker out.
  • When religious extremists start murdering regular people for simply being there, it needs to become really uncomfortable to be a part of these crazies. In some sense, I do agree that if they want to go to Syria or wherever to fight with the crazies, they are sending a clear signal that they don’t want to be a part of sane society any longer, so they should be stopped from returning and bringing the psycho with them.