Adult baby style

Am I so small or are babies so big that their bibs fit me?

Me in a bib

What a clean bib, you must think. That’s because Anne has never worn one for more than a minute or two before pulling it off.

Occupying both sides of the argument

Only on Facebook can you read, within a couple of posts in the same news stream:

  • Breathtaking love letters from women to women, and men to men;
  • A Texan sports broadcaster (from Dallas, no less) pointing out that a football player’s sexuality should be of no consequence to his career prospects; and
  • Uninformed, uneducated, and saliva-flecked vitriol for anyone whose sexual preferences tend to run same-sex.

The last one is really fun for trolling, and it’s also highly entertaining to watch them twist themselves into knots attempting to conflate sexuality with psychiatric disorders and philosophical positions.

It’s a real shame that there have to be activists and parades in support of different sexualities. My mother is convinced I’m — as she puts it — pro-gay marriage, but I’m not. I’m pro-people being happy. I couldn’t care less who any adult marries or loves as it has no bearing on who I am and how I live. We only get one life and we should all be given the opportunity to live it as peacefully and contentedly as possible.

Those who get so angry and outraged about other’s differences are just wasting their own energy, and methinks they doth protest too much. Maybe they spend so much time thinking about gay sex that they’re all fired up. Ahem.

Born to make you worry

Children, that is. Their main job in life is to keep their oldies anxious.

We’ve spent the last two days in hospital with Anne. She’s been having more seizures. No definitive diagnosis as yet, but we’ve narrowed it down to two, I think – atypical febrile convulsions due to infection, or epilepsy.

It’s going to be an ‘interesting’ time while the doctors try to figure out what’s wrong.

My weakness

As it’s only us here in the south of England, we didn’t have a reunion dinner or go visiting anyone today, the first day of Chinese New Year. But I did realise how simple it was to make sago, so I made sago gula melaka*.


It was good. It’s times like these that I don’t miss the food at home quite so much.

* I don’t like coconut milk, so I substituted with Greek yoghurt.


I expected The Pioneer Woman’s potato soup to be pretty good, but not actually perfect. I don’t peel potatoes (why get rid of the good bits) and I used shallots, cayenne pepper, and paprika instead her suggestions, plus I tend to be a bit maverick with the quantities of potato, carrot, and celery (this is what my life has become, I’m wild and crazy with vegetables), so I’d say her method of making a creamy soup is fantastic.

The proof? Neil says it’s as good as the soup we used to get at Black Angus in Singapore, and we both love the soup at Black Angus. And I made it in the thermal pot while Anne was napping, only finishing it off about ten minutes before I wanted to serve dinner. So it’s a winner all round.

Halina Paulette test roll part 2

The second lot of acceptable snaps from the charity shop Halina Paulette. As previously stated, there has been no retouching.

Ophelia, Old Town Gardens
Toddlers and manual focus don’t mix
Old Town Gardens
Light effect, Old Town Gardens
This might be my favourite shot from the roll
Old Town Gardens
More trees
Less-than-happy Anne

Halina Paulette test roll part 1

These are some shots from the first — and so far only — roll of film (Fuji Superia Xtra 400) I’ve put through the charity shop camera. I haven’t retouched any of them.

The Weighbridge Brewhouse, Paddington Drive
They serve crocodile, very sweet crocodile
Don't exit the training room, English Heritage
I’ve always found this hilarious
Faded yarn bomb, English Heritage
Age has caught up with the yarn bomb
Former Methodist church, Emlyn Square
Now a community venue for the yoof
Car park ramp, Farnsby Street
Oh, Neil