Another irritant

Argh. It’s ‘tenets’, not ‘tenants’. Is it so hard to know the difference?

Now you pay 90% on airfare

Dearest Anne,

You are two today — happy birthday!

Behold the carrot

Life with you has changed so much from the days when all you wanted to do was lie on me and clutch the boob. These days you lie on me and clutch the boob only after you’ve run riot around the park or in town.

You talk so much now, with loads of funny words and the tendency to claim possession of anything you fancy (“My watch!!” “No, it’s my watch, I lend it to you, Anne.”). You love animals, swimming, gymnastics, and art.

Art. Who’d have thought it? Your favourite indoor activities are painting and play dough. I have yet to break out the recycled materials and home-made printmaking because it’s just so nice outside, but I promise we will, soon.

The first two years with you have been fun — but tiring — work and play, since you do not like to sleep for stretches lasting more than a couple of hours. I finally decided enough was enough and we decided to wean you from the boob at night, and most unexpectedly, you took to it so quickly, making your parents very happy (and more rested).

We can’t wait to see what the next year brings, they’re meant to be quite, er, challenging.

Mummy and Daddy

15 again

I’ve gone and got myself an undercut. Neil says, Now you really look like a boy.


It’s like being 15 again, except I don’t have to hide it because of school rules. And I have a lot of grey hair.

Thrilling, my life is.

Facebook makes me mad

Before the popularity of Facebook rocketed, I could labour under the illusion that people could spell — generally speaking. No more. What the fuck is ‘greatful’? I’m seeing that abomination in loads of groups. You can’t even pretend that Autocorrect made the mistake, because it isn’t a word.


I think. Tree identification is not my strong suit — I had to look this up, and I’m still guessing.


A little water on my mantle

Andrea at Lower Shaw Farm introduced us to Alchemilla, or the Lady’s Mantle:


Yeah, that’s not dew, that’s rain. It rained a lot. Anne’s head was drenched by the end of play, and refused to leave until I sat her down and she realised she was cold. Then suddenly she was agreeing with all my suggestions (how many almost two-year olds do that, I ask you). Change your jacket? Okay… Get in the buggy? Okay…! Put rain cover on to keep breeze off? Okay…

Yes, Freudian

So the Liberal Democrats are most likely hoping to form another coalition government in the event of no majority party after next year’s general election. To me, the key information is:

The two parties have until now, tried to keep any contact over a potential future coalition deal secret.

Members of the group insist the dinner, which took place at the Joe Allen restaurant in central London, was an “informal catch up between friends who have known each other for years”.

Well, that’s nice to know that the different parties who are meant to be keeping one another on their toes / in check are old mates.