Welcome to the world, my new nephew. *muaks*

Roles reversed

I was in the Chinese grocery shop in town and the proprietor was chatting to another customer about one of his products (in Mandarin, of course). They talked about how this particular type was very popular with the 老外 (foreigners). I piped up, since I couldn’t resist:

(Translation: In Britain, you’re the foreigners!)

Hopefully he’ll still sell me udon, 白粿 (large flat rice noodles), and 小笼包 (these small meat buns Neil loves) in future.


It’s so sad to read / hear that Robin Williams was severely depressed and most likely hanged himself. The two films he made that I found most memorable are What Dreams May Come and One Hour Photo. If there is life after death, I hope his is as beautiful as the former film imagined.

Setting the tone

Underwhelming, flat, and ill-prepared — The Economist’s take on Alex Salmond’s performance in last night’s debate on Scottish independence. (Didn’t get to watch as Anne thinks going to sleep is so uncool.) I wonder if enough people worry about those three words possibly also describing the country’s economy if a majority vote to leave and end the UK.

Choo choo


Watch out for crossing pedestrains. Two questions:

  1. Who approved the printing of this sign?
  2. Who approved the purchase of this sign?!