So talented

Anne’s first photos:


Sort of. I helped her press the shutter button on my Halina Paulette.

I expect National Geographic to be requesting her services, she’s so talented.

Seriously though, I let her hold the camera and pointed it in the general direction of the rabbits before firing the shutter, and I think we got pretty damn lucky there.

(She’s taken photos with my digital camera, even shot video, but it’s so easy to do that I don’t think they count.)

Different types of creativity

I’m sure everyone will be able to identify with at least part of the 18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently. Me, I daydream, people-watch, love solitude, like to shake things up, and get into a ‘flow state’. I still get to do one or two of these things while being a full-time mother, but solitude isn’t one of them — not when every trip to the toilet includes a toddler who hangs on to my leg, asks if I’m pooping and tries to look in the toilet bowl, then offers to flush.

Walking on bushes

The second coming hasn’t quite worked out as expected.

Look ma, no… er, never mind

She’s walking on a hedge. Not through, on.

Rich pickings for comment

Aside from it being crazy, appointing a named social worker to every child under five is how the SNP plans to keep employment up if they actually go independent, right? Because they’re also expecting councils and teachers to take over after that. The irony is it’s a Christian charity that’s bringing a legal action against the bill, as they say it’s getting involved in people’s private lives, where they do not belong. Ahem.

Adult baby style

Am I so small or are babies so big that their bibs fit me?

Me in a bib

What a clean bib, you must think. That’s because Anne has never worn one for more than a minute or two before pulling it off.