It’s so sad to read / hear that Robin Williams was severely depressed and most likely hanged himself. The two films he made that I found most memorable are What Dreams May Come and One Hour Photo. If there is life after death, I hope his is as beautiful as the former film imagined.

Setting the tone

Underwhelming, flat, and ill-prepared — The Economist’s take on Alex Salmond’s performance in last night’s debate on Scottish independence. (Didn’t get to watch as Anne thinks going to sleep is so uncool.) I wonder if enough people worry about those three words possibly also describing the country’s economy if a majority vote to leave and end the UK.

Choo choo


Watch out for crossing pedestrains. Two questions:

  1. Who approved the printing of this sign?
  2. Who approved the purchase of this sign?!

Another irritant

Argh. It’s ‘tenets’, not ‘tenants’. Is it so hard to know the difference?