Apparently fast food is acceptable on a Paleo diet

Overheard a cashier in a health food / supplements shop recommending the Paleo diet to a (young) customer who was asking about fat-burning pills.

Customer’s mum: Just eat healthily and you’ll lose weight.

Customer: I can’t keep that up, Mum!

Cashier: [Some sort of preamble, asking about illness, medications]… The pills won’t be of any use to you. You should try going Paleo, I’m on it, it’s not a diet, you change the way you eat completely. It keeps me lean… [brief explanation of what Paleo is in terms of meat and fat, but ignoring the ‘loads of fruit and vegetables’ part of the lifestyle]… so you can eat McDonalds twice a week and not feel bad, because it’s high in protein and fat, and low in carbs.

Customer: … and I don’t have to go to the gym?

Cashier: Nope.

Customer (to her Mum): See?! I can eat McDonalds.

Words fail me.

(Except when it was my turn to pay, I remarked that her previous customer was going to start eating McDonalds twice a week based on her advice.)

TMI #37

This foetus really likes junk food.


TMI #36

In theory I have 12 weeks to go. Erm. I can barely deal with Anne right now.


Playground behaviour in suits

Anne seemed fascinated by today’s PMQs, which were being broadcast while we were having lunch. I told her this was what passed for democracy in the UK.

More chaos than last time

The polls are predicting… nothing. The Conservatives are ever so slightly ahead, with neither party able to win enough seats to form a majority. I’m one of those undecided voters this year — and that is highly unusual for me.

TMI #35

Third trimester very soon. Eeeeeeeps.


Fool me once

I don’t know which is worse PR for David Cameron — his unwillingness to be part of televised leaders’ debates (once is enough, apparently), or what will come out of his mouth if he does participate in more.