But what about the jugs

I persuaded Neil to try using jugs and bags of milk instead of our usual plastic bottles after our summer trip to Canada. We were getting on well, only a couple of piercing / spilling mishaps. Now we’re told Sainsbury’s won’t be selling them any more, because they’ve apparently found other ways to save on plastic packaging (I haven’t found any press announcement on their corporate site, I’ve been emailed the news and have also seen a notice in the supermarket).

But will we now throw all our plastic-milk-bag-specific jugs away, because hardly anywhere else sells milk in two-pint bags? That’s a lot of plastic waste.

(There is a large dairy company who can deliver milk bags to our area, but their customer service was so APPALLING when my sister was ordering care packages for me in 2011 that I absolutely refuse to order anything more from them.)

Wonderful news

Tean’s chicken curry paste is quite spicy when cooked according to the printed directions. I used double the amount of coconut milk, in the hope that Anne would not find it too spicy. It was still pretty spicy, but as I didn’t give her any sauce, just shredded chicken, I reckoned she’d cope.

And how. She kept asking for more, more, more, until she said, “My tummy is feeling quite sick.” And she drank one and a half bottles of water. Then, er, filled her nappy.


TMI #30

I don’t have a pregnancy waddle, I have a pregnancy hobble. Oh, my hips…


TMI #29

Baby’s already kicking up a storm.


Happy birthday to me, too.

TMI #27

My sacroiliac joints already hurt. And I’m only half way. Oh dear.


Child labour

all work considered

Looking for work as a yard helper. All work considered, no jobs too small. Reasonable rates.

Yes, I’m kidding.