We’ve been viewing houses with the idea of moving to the catchment area of the school we would like Anne to attend. I am absolutely horrified at what is now considered an acceptable size for a three-bedroom house. I shudder to think that what I think are cool space-saving and use-of-the-vertical ideas will have to become a real necessity. Not that we live in a big place now; but when a three-bed house is smaller than a two-bed flat (same developer, ten-year gap), something’s wrong.

In flagrante delicto

I’m quite proud of this bed.

cardboard box bed
Mario and Kwazii in a compromising position

There are quite a few dolls, but it’s currently a one-bed house, so they’ll have to take it in shifts.

Are they sitting comfortably

Now Anne doesn’t think the boxes are just for trashing, she’s realised I’m making something for her to play with:

Chairs and sofa
One of those Playmobil figures is as old as Neil

I’ve made two seating concepts, a slot-together and tub chair style, neither of which I’m happy with. Neil made one up off the top of his head, which is brilliant and works. Jammy sod.

This, by the way, doesn’t mean she won’t still trash it. She takes the nickname the Gilsons gave her quite seriously — Anne-zilla.

And so it begins

The great cardboard box doll’s house project:

cardboard boxes, doll house skeleton

See my crafting board for the inspiration*. At the moment, the concept is for a ground and first floor, plus a first floor garden / balcony. All to be attached with hook and loop tape, so they can be separated and stored in the larger, ground floor unit.

* Yes, I’m on Pinterest. I signed on to research it for a web project, so I’ve decided to use it.

With great care

Going for a walk with her favourite teddy and mini-stroller, I discovered that Anne does pay attention to what I do.


This is her re-positioning teddy and she also frequently stopped to ‘check’ on him and stroke the top of his head. Aw, bless her heart.

Where do I even start

An email I received today read as follows:

Dear Blogger

[Removed] is having a tie up promotion with the bloggers to reward your loyal followers with an attractive discounts on any travel insurance that they buy through your website. We will provide a hyperlink for your website. It will also spike more traffic into your website. Please kindly revert if you are interested and I will be glad to follow you through this process.

Thank you and have a great day ahead.

Warmest Regards,
[Name and email address removed]

So let’s count the problems with this email.

  1. Dear Blogger? Do a mail merge and use my name at least.
  2. ‘… a tie up promotion with the bloggers’ is a seriously awkward phrase. Sounds a bit kinky, even.
  3. ‘… an attractive discounts’? Really? How did you get this job without a basic grasp of grammar?
  4. How exactly will my linking to your website ‘spike more traffic into’ mine? I foresee the main beneficiary of a bunch of blogs linking to your site being your company.
  5. What will I ‘revert’ to if I’m interested? A younger, more gullible self?
  6. I’m honestly not sure how you can run this promotion if you intend to follow — not guide — me through the process of being a sucker and giving you an inbound link.

I’m too sleep deprived to even pretend to suffer fools gladly, so please come up with something more thought-out and I won’t make fun of you next time.