Stoking the brass monkey

monkeyBen, Neil and I are on his new deck. Ben has fed us a shot of tequila and a margarita. Bad Ben. Ben and Neil are talking about something, which ends with Neil saying something about ‘spanking the chicken’.

“No, no,” say I. “It’s ‘spanking the monkey’ and ‘choking the chicken’.”

I am also aware of the term ‘visiting Mrs Palmer and her five daughters’. But I am at a loss to think of any more. Any other suggestions would be most appreciated, and will contribute to the fight against terrorism.

This weekend I…

  • had dinner at Le Mezina (the food’s all right, but they’ve really got something special with those Nutella crepes)
  • finished watching the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (*sniff* Spike; and boy, does Alyson Hannigan look and sound like a completely different person – still hot – when she’s not Willow or band camp girl)
  • watched Starsky and Hutch (did they really have dance-offs in the Seventies – and David Soul has not aged well at all)
  • stayed up till dawn at a birthday party (where the host and hostess share the same birthday – and are dating, to boot)
  • had dinner at Havana (after sleeping all day and suffering a killer hangover)
  • watched Mystic River (what a depressing film; Neil reckons Sean Penn is going for a Robert De Niro persona – not pretty, but arresting enough to be a leading man)

15 years on

that picture of the protestor in front of tanks

Today is the 15th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, what Beijing leaders termed as crushing a “counter-revolutionary rebellion”.

You’d think after decades in power, the Communist Party would accept that what they are doing is no longer called a ‘revolution’, it’s ‘consolidation’.

While China has changed a lot since then, it also really hasn’t. Here’s to another 15 years of denial.

Grrr! Gnash, gnash

rugops dinosaurNew Dino Reveals Ancient Land Movements:

Found in Niger in 2000 in Cretaceous-age rocks that yielded a treasure trove of new dinosaurs, including the 40-foot-long crocodilian Sarcosuchus, also known as “SuperCroc,” Rugops’ skull belonged to a group of carnivorous dinosaurs called abelisaurids.

It would be so cool to be a paleontologist. See the world, dig up rocks and bones, wear khakis and big hats… I do wonder why we have such a great interest in looking at the past. I think it’s fascinating to see creatures that are long extinct, recreated according to our rules. We can guess how the earth became what it is today.

(Lord knows I spent an afternoon tearing around New York’s Museum of Natural History back in the summer of 2000 while my mate Jeff tiredly looked on – those dinosaurs are cool!)

In examining our planet’s ancient flora and fauna, we hope to be able to gain some insights into predicting the future. That’s the noble goal.

It’s dead fun to dig stuff up, though, I reckon.

130% of 0 is 0

I’m amazed at consumers’ abilities to dig themselves very deep holes: Personal debt on brink of £1 trillion.

The predicted debt levels were described as alarming by Citizens Advice Scotland. Last February, it said a record number of Scots were now so seriously in debt they would never be able to pay back what they owed.

Can you imagine – to never, ever be out of debt? To never, ever save anything you earn because it all goes to interest payments? It boggles the mind. I’m boggled. Wow.

(‘Splains all those advertisements about managing and consolidating debt, though. Too bad it only means being beholden even more.)

Bill Cosby still rocks

bill cosby This Cosby show is undeserved:

Though Cosby’s comments were harsh, they are also right on target. And if some blacks are upset with the comedian, it’s probably more for telling tales out of school – airing the community’s dirty laundry – than for launching an unjust diatribe.

Hear, hear. I’m all about dirty laundry that needs to be aired. It’s a good thing in my book that he stands by what he said.

Otterman commented in an earlier post, “I realise we tend to critique only our own race,” and rightly we should, since we are the only ones who will keep us from falling into an abyss of self-complacency and -importance.