Credit card fraud. Internet and hard drives.

Traffic was phenomenally bad this morning, it took me an HOUR instead of the usual 30 minutes. I wonder if Singaporeans will ever debase themselves and learn to carpool.

Credit card skimming… they take your card (in a restaurant, wherever), use a ‘skimmer’ to capture the information on your debit or credit card, and make a counterfeit card. And people think Internet shopping is dangerous…

MSNBC reports that the Internet industry to start to show signs of recovery this year. Phew?

IBM found a way to make hard drives hold more, very cool. In that geeky sort of way only dorks like me will understand.

Blogger. Assisted Computing. Bloggo. PC-Cillin.

My flatmate Kris explained the whole Kaycee-BWG saga. Now I get it. Poor guy. And he’s getting flak for it. It isn’t his fault he trusted someone and got burned. Perhaps it’ll make him more wary next time, but maybe that’s not a good thing, either. It bugs me that someone can so heartlessly deceive someone else.

Assisted Computing Facilities for those who are technologically incompetent.
Personal note: People, you know who you are. Maybe they can help you:
a) Use Microsoft Access
b) Use Microsoft Outlook (inbox filters…)
c) Read about viruses and hoaxes without panicking
Personal note again: You _know_ this is a satire, right?

Bloggo! Link courtesy of Grouse! Blog version of Bingo. Cool.

PC-Cillin for Wireless… a free download, apparently. Hm. Doesn’t work on my Palm, though.