Neil is a closet hippy. We co-sleep with Anne (her cot is next to the bed with the side down) and it works well for us. We may be co-sleeping for the foreseeable. Neil is more than happy to go with the flow. If you’ve met Neil, you’ll know he takes great pride in his reputation as a classically liberal / conservative curmudgeon (otherwise known as a grumpy old man). This aspect of his parenting personality has surprised even me.

Not basted in goose fat

I made itek tim.

itek tim
In the beginning…

Correction. I made itek tim with a quantity of pork ribs (they needed to be used up) and a block of silken tofu. ‘Twas good. I had the leftovers with noodles at a later date.

No intentions

In talking to other mums, I think it’s very true that most first-timers in the mothering game really only focus on the pregnancy and labour, and very little on what happens after. I certainly did. I’m very lucky most friends and family are already experienced parents and furnished me with lots of things I never thought would be essential. Like a ring sling and Moby wrap, because I never thought my baby would require so much cuddle time. I never thought babies had to be helped to sleep, nor mine quite so much.

So I’ve ended up attachment parenting without ever intending to — but it really ended up being the natural thing for us. And now we’ve made it to the weaning stage (the British definition), I’ve ended up doing Baby-Led Weaning, which I’d never even heard of until a friend told us about it.

Trying to feed her dhal and yoghurt

It’s my fault, because Anne was being so insufferable while I was eating that I let her try some banana. Then some avocado. Then when we were out, we just let her try all sorts of fruit and vegetables that were part of our own meals. And any attempts by me to spoon-feed her mashes and purées have been rebuffed, i.e. a firm no to mashed potato but a resounding yes to (cooked, of course) potato sticks.

To be honest, she does fling and drop her food all over the place, but finger foods are a lot easier to clean up than mashed and puréed vegetables.

I’ve written all this so I can post this video of her with some potato.

Seasonal zombies

Today I’m going with the ‘dark circles / puffy eyed’ look because Anne was totally over-tired and a new sleeping environment equals practically zero sleep for her mummy.