Does not whirr

One of the things people generally don’t need is a hard disk failure on their computer. What I really didn’t need was a hard disk failure on a desktop PC that isn’t even a year old.

(I did do a backup recently, but only a partial one. Sigh.)

The fact that the hard disk was failing was lost on me, as I’d never experienced it before. My CD drive kept running at random times, and that was the only symptom. Only when Neil accidentally unplugged the PC while Ubuntu was loading up did it finally give up the ghost. It died, just like that. Ubuntu wouldn’t load up. I couldn’t even reinstall Ubuntu to try and rescue my data.

Fortunately it’s still under warranty, and I do still have my old laptop, which is just about serviceable for web browsing. Unfortunately the geeks at the computer place cannot recover any of the data from the dead disk.

While this type of event is highly inconvenient (I’ll be restarting my freelance work some time soon-ish, as long as Anne is good about entertaining herself over short stretches of time), it definitely did not irritate me as much as it might have before (this would have sent me into paroxysms of impotent fury in the past).

I never imagined #5

Picture this. The baby has gone to sleep early, and it’s a weekend evening. The husband says, “We can do whatever we want.” So we spend the next hour cleaning the kitchen and living / dining room. Oh, we are so happening.


My mother, sister, and niece dropped by for a week to hang out and meet young Anne (Mum stayed for two months to get us through the hardest parts before going to celebrate my niece’s first birthday in Nassau).

Chuen, Mila, and Anne

We did lots, but most valuable to me at the moment was my sister’s advice and cheerleading as a more experienced first-time mum. Anne’s sleep also began improving while they were here (hurray for melatonin). I haven’t had to play Tupac nor Biggie in a while!


We visited Delboy and family in Wales last weekend. Here is a goose and a castle.


Caerphilly Castle

Attached parenting

Anne is one of those babies who needs to be near, i.e. carried by, someone for much of the day. So I’d be screwed if not for the ring sling. Here she is, just after being released from the sling:

My day

She also knows the moment my attention isn’t 100% on her. I’m guessing her behaviour is the exclusive preserve of first-borns.

This is my way of saying that life has moved on to a different type of monotony. At least she smiles back at us now!

Just a few words on Gary Barlow

I actually shed a few tears when I read the final paragraphs of Jason Manford’s post regarding people being unkind about Gary Barlow performing at the Olympics closing ceremony. While I could never imagine how it must feel to lose a child, I really can’t fathom it now, having had Anne.

It was terribly sad to read that they had lost their baby late in the pregnancy, and I did feel deep respect for Gary for getting on with it and doing his job. You could tell his voice wasn’t all there, and I think everyone in the audience really appreciated that he sang his heart out despite the strain he must have been under.