Pulling it together

You know your love for your children is unconditional when you switch to drinking coconut milk (instead of cow’s) to take a possible trigger food out of your baby’s diet — and you despise coconut.

(Having looked into the other plant-based alternatives, the plan is to alternate between that and homemade almond milk.)

Edited to add: after an allergic reaction at a restaurant, I suspect Oral Allergy Syndrome. There go my usual lazy weaning options: fresh fruit and salads.

There’s no point arguing with a zealot

With increasing frequency, I wish for the days when my having a website was a quirky thing that would never last, and the Internet was a mere curiosity that only nerds were into. Back then, I could say exactly whatever the fuck I wanted and anyone likely to be offended wouldn’t have been likely to read it.

Not any longer. Now I am regularly assaulted with opinions that are not only self-righteous, but also completely hypocritical. But as I know these people in real life, I can’t respond the way I truly want to because they’d take it badly.