The WTF-am-I-going-to-do-with-this pesto recipe

Anne wanted a fairy garden a couple of months ago. We sowed some chia seeds because we have loads. It didn’t sprout for days, then they suddenly appeared, and now we have a bloody forest of the stuff. Neil quite liked it, but I found it a little too bitter as they got bigger. So I made pesto.

Spinach (I used frozen as that’s what I’ve got)
Chia sprouts
Extra virgin olive oil
Mild-flavoured oil
Nutritional yeast
Pine nuts

There are no quantities as I just bodge everything. This pesto is dairy-free and vegan. Pine nuts are seeds, so it’s also nut-free (Eliza is allergic to nuts).

Start by putting the spinach and chia sprouts in the food processor and turning it on. Slowly add the rest of the ingredients to taste.


If you enjoy watching people who think they’re being oh-so-clever metaphorically self-immolate, does that give you a) dictatorial tendencies; or b) a massive case of schadenfreude?

Serious question

How can anyone fucking vote for these people?

Ministers in abrupt U-turn over fire safety in schools:

Part of the revised draft guidance – which the Observer has learned will now be dropped – removed the requirement that sprinklers be included in the design of new schools and stated, instead, that “school buildings do not need to be sprinkler protected to achieve a reasonable standard of life safety”. It also said it “no longer includes an expectation that most new school buildings will be fitted with them”.

When the draft guidelines were published, teaching unions and fire safety organisations protested again but formed the impression that ministers were not listening and that the consultation was a sham.

Last week, in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, the revised draft guidance had been removed from the DfE website. Amid signs of panic, officials tried to insist that there had never been any intention to change policy.

The Conservative Party: no longer watering down fire safety requirements for schools because it’s a definite vote loser after Grenfell. So nice to know the country has them on which to rely.

And this week’s lucky dead plants are

Our family’s almost-vegan food prep this week includes:

  • roasted broccoli and red kidney beans
  • stir-fried white cabbage, baby corn and shredded courgette (neither rugrat will eat courgette unless it is well-disguised, so this is attempt number Deity Knows)
  • boiled broad beans
  • tofu crumbles (inspired by this corn soup and tofu larb recipe)

These are theoretically going to be mix and matched into a myriad of delicious combinations served with noodles, rice, pasta, and so on; in reality, one child will just whine about how she doesn’t like it, while the other one will make a face because she can’t speak in sentences yet (the “What is this crap you’re trying to feed me?!” expression).