Could you say no?

As we were saying this morning, who turns down the right royal Princes William and Harry?

“Hello [insert name of pop star], this is Prince William.”

“Yes. Whatever it is you want, the answer’s yes.”

Public transport in winter is a crime

I managed to catch my connection this morning with one minute to spare, and only because I ran. I am technically supposed to have ten minutes’ grace to catch my connection, but it’s more often five or less.

It’s so easy to lose your fitness — I haven’t done regular running since I got to Scotland and I was definitely short of breath with a racing heart when I sat down with relief (and a thump). I have got to get a car and cut down my commute so I don’t feel so tired at the end of the day and can bring myself to go to the gym. We’re thinking a second hand Clio or 106 would be ideal. (Update: or a Corsa. Apparently I will turn into a skank, but the size and price is probably right.)

If I had no issues with big cars and paying too much for a vehicle (what am I talking about? I’m from Singapore, for God’s sake), I would go for a PT Cruiser. No idea what it is I like about the car, I just think it’s great.

Yesterday I was aided in getting the train on time by the tail winds, which actually pushed me along the road just that little bit faster. Neil thinks I’m a freak for mentioning that, but y’know, the truth’s the truth. On the way, I saw a stretch Hummer. And I really shit you not with that.

The weather continues to be shitty (rain, rain, rain), and this is how I discovered that my formerly fairly water resistant jacket is losing its resistance. TK Maxx sells snow sports parkas for about £50, so I may go buy myself a Christmas present after I get paid.

Sad, very sad

Further to my previous and comparatively lengthy post on animal testing, there’s news that scientific experts will back the continued use of primates in experiments.

Fewer than 1% of animal tests are conducted on primates and the committee has spent 18 months examining if these are sound and relevant to humans.

Testing on any animal is sad. As I said before, it’s the law of the (modern) jungle. There is an older piece, also on the BBC, about how scientists are trying to stop using live creatures, but we’re a long way away from being able to halt live experiments altogether.

Update: and here is something on Sean Gardner, the boy suffering from dystonia and was profiled on Monkeys, Rats and Me.