Ahh, winter

I am wearing tights UNDER my trousers, it’s that windy and cold (but I still can’t wait for real snow): “Every region except Grampian had a severe warning while one flood alert and 15 flood watch notices were in force.” — Scotland braced for storms

Business is not just business when it’s populist

People who got burned by Farepak closing down are planning to demonstrate outside Halifax Bank Of Scotland when they hold a champagne reception today. There’s always a need to blame anyone but yourself. It’s plain stupid to expect HBOS throw money away (they already donated £2m and ‘victims’ are claiming it’s not enough) just because some people were silly enough to get involved with this ‘savings‘ scheme.

HBOS is a profit-making entity, they do business to — shock horror — make money. It was Farepak and its parents that failed the customer, not HBOS.

As a very astute editorial in The Scotsman states,

When it comes to deciding who to trust with our savings we must never lose sight of two inescapable truths: companies go bust and money corrupts.

For these reasons, it is madness to ever entrust your hard-earned cash to any company or individual other than a fully regulated financial institution or credit union. These too can still go bust, or have staff with their hands in the till. But it doesn’t matter: there are safety nets in place which ensure the bulk of your cash will always be safe, short of political and economic Armageddon.

Personally, I have found the entire Farepak saga unedifying from start to finish. The individuals concerned made a terrible investment. When it turned out to be just as bad as could have been predicted, they blamed anyone they could find for their mistake, without ever conceding their own folly was partly responsible.

They also seemed to take it as their right that the rest of us should bail them out.

And all the bloody politicians running around and demanding ‘justice’ and what not are so bloody TRANSPARENT. There is an election coming up. Peh.

This weekend I…

Gary Barlow - squee!
  • had fajitas for dinner, and a yum yum (basically a fried croissant-like pastry with sugar) for dessert
  • watched Take That – The Ultimate Tour on the teevee and discovered I’m still a teenager deep inside (ah, I remember the days when half my walls very covered in Take That posters)
  • watched some Later with Jools Holland (Eric Bibb was amazing* and I’m still quite taken with Bellowhead, who were on last week)
  • met up with the Pussycat for lunch (and she took me to do a tiny bit of sightseeing before the sun set)
  • had a haggis supper (mmm, haggis)
  • stayed up late drinking wine and having a D&M with Neil
  • went into Livingston to get new bed sheets (as well as tights, socks, lightbulbs, and a full bag of junk food to sustain me through work)
  • had a roast dinner
  • watched Men in Black II
  • watched Housewife, 49
Calton Hill

* That led to my bringing up a movie that mentioned Robert Johnson (Crossroads), and it turns out Neil and I both like that film, me because I had a crush on Ralph Macchio, and Neil because he has a manly, totally heterosexual affection for Steve Vai.

Source of Gary Barlow image: grupo gamerco.

It’s okay but not great

The thing about NUMB3RS is it’s so miraculous, he can always come up with some mathematical formula to predict or postulate some crime or other. But I do like that geeky things like maths and psychological profiling are trendy now. Lots of teevee to watch!