I almost wish I could stream sound live over my website

The weather was pretty shit overnight (I think I was woken by the rain and wind hitting the window) and coming into work this morning. I was actually a little nervous about driving, with all the warnings on the radio about high winds (lucky for me my car presents a very small surface area… hehe). Then there was the insane horizontal unrelenting rain. My wipers were going full-tilt and it was still not very easy to see.

Now I’m in the office, a prefab-type aluminium structure and the wind is POUNDING us. My colleague asked if it was okay to be scared. Haha. How funny.

I realise it can get a lot worse than this, so here’s hoping I learn how to drive in bad weather. Me = spoiled by tropical weather and others driving.

Too good to pass up

I’m linking to this puff piece about a young computer nerd not because of the subject matter (customising computer cases), but because his shop is near WANKER’S CORNER, Oregon. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Not overly impressed

This is going to be so uncool of me (and I’m not some anti-fashion hipster wannabe), but I have to say that the iPhone is not as attractive as the MOTOROKR E6 (and I am seriously feeling gadget lust). I’m still happy with my StrTrk, although I do love looking at new phones.

The beauty of whitespace

This is one thing my sister and I agree on wholeheartedly — negative space is good. I’m not a designer, so I try. She’s somewhat more… adept than I am. I can’t explain why something works, it either does or it doesn’t.

It’s not who’s right, it’s who sells papers

RADAR finds that pundits who were wrong about Iraq have done really well in their careers, while those who were right have not. Well, eight of them in total anyway. IMHO, all it boils down to is who sells papers / gets eyeballs. With news that President Bush is to order 20,000 more troops into Iraq (I wonder how many of them have already been killed in action — pardon the joke), I guess we all need different things, even if it’s on the same topic, to get frothy-mouthed over.

Forbidden love

Jupiter the lion plants a wet one on his nurseHaha.

Here’s the real story. Colombian Ana Julia Torres rescued this lion from a circus and nursed him back to health at her animal shelter.

I find those who mistreat animals quite baffling. I can’t imagine what psychopathy motivates someone to inflict pain and suffering on another creature, and to gain pleasure from it!

And that’s why I wish I’d realised my interest in psychopathy early in life and studied psychology instead. I could’ve been a therapist. Although I’d probably be the least sympathetic therapist in the world.

I do think this woman is an angel, although I’d never let a lions maw near any part of my face or body or extremities. You get the idea.

Scottish slang of the day — MIND

I only heard this word being used when I was in Scotland with Neil and he was talking to his mum. I’d never, ever heard him use it before. Bur I have heard him use it plenty of times since.

“Mind when we went to eat fish and chips and the shop exploded from blocked grease,” is the sort of statement you would hear in context with the word ‘mind’. As you can tell, ‘mind’ means ‘remember’ in Scotland.

Are there too many syllables in ‘remember’ that get in the way of eating more chips and curry sauce? Can they not remember the word ‘remember’?

I don’t have a problem with it, but I can’t work out how ‘remember’ got replaced with ‘mind’. Unless I’m losing my remember.

Cows are bad for tea

It’s just possible that adding milk to your tea could eliminate the health benefits of drinking said tea. Neil thought it was the fat in the milk (the news report on BBC didn’t go into detail), but the piece in the Herald says its the casein — and from what I gather, my drinking milk or eating yoghurt for its calcium (in excess, of course) could be bad for me.