Great timing, weather deity

weather forecast for today

The weather has been — in a word — absolute shite. As it’s being unseasonably mild (I guess the US must be getting all of it, since it’s moving east, I wonder if it’ll finally get us), what should be snow is rain. Rain. Every day. High winds. 70mph winds at times.

Today is the first nice day in a while. And most of us are at work. We won’t get out of the office until the sun has set, and the weather is forecast to be shite again for the rest of the week.

Nothing says Holy Fuck like overhearing someone use the toilet then walk straight out without going near the taps

There was something in the news last week over this dispute whether or not the health service in the UK should have splashed the cash on a campaign promoting hand washing. The SNP says it’s a waste, they should have spent the money on combating MRSA. Look here, if people don’t wash their hands at all after going to the toilet, what hope have we when it comes to keeping hospitals clean?

Hey, DumDum

Easter Island head tissue dispenser

I want one of these for every freaking room in the house!

Does not endear Apple to me

Apple seems like a very unpleasant corporation. Sending cease and desists to people writing about a Windows Mobile skin mimicking the Apple mobile phone interface? There’s also a post on BoingBoing about how Apple’s DRM is really, really bad for competition (and the consumer).

The Apple iPhone may be pretty, but it sounds like the most expensive phone purchase you’ll ever make (in dollars and future upgrades). It’s so amazing that people can rail against Microsoft for monopoly practices and also embrace the iPod that has effectively made them a captive audience.

Not that I’m speaking specifically to anyone, but I know you’re out there.

This weekend I…

  • watched old episodes of CSI and the Pamela Anderson’s True Hollywood Story (erm, terribly informative?)
  • unsuccessfully tried to eat the World’s Largest Baked Potato™ for lunch (unsucccessful in that I couldn’t finish it))
  • went to the gym for a light workout (yup, I’m determined)
  • ate some Chinese takeaway (salt and chilli pepper chicken wings and fried noodles… it’s so bad for you it’s good)
  • started crocheting something new for myself (ooh, very secretive)
  • watched 200 Cigarettes (I quite enjoyed it, mainly for the bad fashion)
  • had a great bowl of homemade minestrone for brunch
  • went to Livingston for a bit of a shop (the Paper Mill shop in McArthur Glen is pretty reasonable for, er, paper)
  • had the normal Sunday dinner (at dinner time!)
  • watched part of The Search (the ‘philosopher’ is seriously annoying and the vicar’s pretty bad, too)
  • watched a bit of Terminator 3 and got back to crocheting when Neil switched over to Final Destination 2 (it was bad enough the first time)

No flag, no country

The Egyptian-born Mufit Mufti of Australia has said some less-than- polite things about white Australians, claiming that Muslims had more right to Australia than the Caucasians did, because the Muslims didn’t come to Australia as convicts.

… and the Aboriginals? Do they not have more right to Australia than either group? Sheikh Taj Aldin al-Hilali is clearly just trying to stir trouble, then hopefully cry prejudice when he receives a less-than-warm reception in Australia.

I do find it incredibly ironic that religious extremists will use the freedom of speech and expression they have been fortunate enough to enjoy to attack those same freedoms. And jailing a rape gang leader for being Muslim isn’t racist, it would be religious discrimination (what a maroon). And if he thinks leading a gang of rapists isn’t something worth serious punishment… well, he needs to get his head examined for mental illness.