No flag, no country

The Egyptian-born Mufit Mufti of Australia has said some less-than- polite things about white Australians, claiming that Muslims had more right to Australia than the Caucasians did, because the Muslims didn’t come to Australia as convicts.

… and the Aboriginals? Do they not have more right to Australia than either group? Sheikh Taj Aldin al-Hilali is clearly just trying to stir trouble, then hopefully cry prejudice when he receives a less-than-warm reception in Australia.

I do find it incredibly ironic that religious extremists will use the freedom of speech and expression they have been fortunate enough to enjoy to attack those same freedoms. And jailing a rape gang leader for being Muslim isn’t racist, it would be religious discrimination (what a maroon). And if he thinks leading a gang of rapists isn’t something worth serious punishment… well, he needs to get his head examined for mental illness.

Foodie Friday — Stuffed Tomatoes

stuffed tomatoes

How good does this look? I even think the addition of jalapeños would be fantastic, giving a bit of bite to the tang of the olives and lemon juice. And I’m a big fan of tomatoes. In my continued search for great ‘no cook’ recipes, this is definitely coming in at number two (after the salsa recipe I posted a few weeks ago). In fact, it’s pretty much salsa in a tomato, isn’t it?

Not that I’ve even come close to making a meal since I got here. Maybe one day, if Neil’s family is having a big meal I’ll do this as an appetiser. I remember the last time I made an appetiser; it was nachos and a disaster. Too much, too cheesy, too greasy.

Biting off more than I can chew

A colleague and I have just entered the Oxygen Deficit 10K road race around Strathclyde Park early next month. We’d originally talked about doing the 5K but genius me decided to go for the 10. I have not run a step in over a month.

Only 100 competitors are allowed. I might actually be last in this race.

I’m going to the gym tonight.

This is going to sound super-insensitive and unPC, but…

Body Dysmorphic Disorder, in a less hypochondriacal (is that a word?) world, would be known as Someone So Vain They Know Nothing Else. Of COURSE concerns about weight are going to make them even more (warning: another unPC word coming) nuts.

I don’t mean to say people who suffer this condition should just, say, take vitamins or something, and people with psychiatric problems do need medical help, but what causes BDD? Is it something chemical in the brain, or is it a result of our culture (i.e. obsession with magazine beauty, self-absorption)?

Passing the buck

Business as usual, then: “It’s a good example of why the most appropriate name for what the president is planning is neither ‘surge’ nor even ‘escalation’ but rather ‘punt’ — a strategically meaningless increase in troops meant to allow the president to avoid dealing with the failure of his policy and lay the ground work for getting the next president to take the blame for his epochal screw-up.” — Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo

I almost wish I could stream sound live over my website

The weather was pretty shit overnight (I think I was woken by the rain and wind hitting the window) and coming into work this morning. I was actually a little nervous about driving, with all the warnings on the radio about high winds (lucky for me my car presents a very small surface area… hehe). Then there was the insane horizontal unrelenting rain. My wipers were going full-tilt and it was still not very easy to see.

Now I’m in the office, a prefab-type aluminium structure and the wind is POUNDING us. My colleague asked if it was okay to be scared. Haha. How funny.

I realise it can get a lot worse than this, so here’s hoping I learn how to drive in bad weather. Me = spoiled by tropical weather and others driving.