Shiiiiiinnnnneeeee… let it shine

Gary Barlow - squee!

I stayed up a few extra minutes last night and saw the new Take That video, Shine (I did NOT know it was on, we had Channel 4 on and were told to stay tuned for the video premiere, and I always do as I’m told if it’s got something to do with watching Take That). I reckon only Howard Donald suits that trendy androgynous messy haircut. Mark Owen and Jason Orange look a bit weird like that.

(BTW, is Jason Orange gay? He sure acts it.)

Birthdays and jail

The turkey dinner last night (in my honour — haha) was fantastic. Turkey breast, roast potatoes, sweetcorn, and green beans made me giddy, they were so good. There were also a few more presents, and I’m not used to all this fuss. It certainly is a change from what I’m used to, and I like the old way too (Mum asks me what I want, usually electronics, and we go out and get it, then we have a nice dinner somewhere).

But on to more about Scotland this morning. I was horrified, nay, STAGGERED WITH DISBELIEF, to hear that prisoners in Scotland were suing because they are banned from voting in elections (BBC story: Court rules on prison voting ban). I’ve written about ‘prisoner rights’ before. What is it with the system of crime and punishment?

I accept that the ban on voting may contravene the European Convention on Human Rights, but SO FUCKING WHAT? If you’re in prison, it’s most likely down to the fact that you were a bad person and harmed someone or something. You are in prison to be DEPRIVED OF YOUR RIGHTS. It’s known as PUNISHMENT. If we had no intention of punishing (and deterring) law-breaking behaviour, we wouldn’t have prisons anywhere!

Fucking hippies.

(Also, did you notice the news about a convicted paedophile lawyer not having to go to jail? Or the guy who got a suspended sentence for downloading kiddie porn? Is this a nation of such degenerates that prisons are overcrowded so paedophilia is considered a less serious crime?)

Foodie Friday — New England Clam Chowder

clam chowder

The scene: California, 1983. Scrawny Singaporean Chinese child on a package tour of the USA with her parents. Tries a bowl of New England Clam Chowder and falls in love with soup forever. Saltine crackers add just that little extra bit to perfection. Child orders New England Clam Chowder at every opportunity. 20+ years later, I still choose the soup any time I see it on a menu.

That’s the story of my love affair with New England Clam Chowder, basically. I have tended to favour Campbell’s condensed version for home microwaving, and even for canned it’s pretty good. I like the clams, but LOVE the potatoes.

It’s pretty much impossible that I will ever use this recipe (unless I can persuade Neil’s mum to give it a go), so I shall just salivate from afar.

She must have been living under a very plush rock for some time

Phil has posted about some girl on Shipwrecked, yet another stupid reality show.

“I don’t appreciate how people come into our country and take over our country. Britain’s really not Britain anymore.

“My mind is completely open to different cultures, but I don’t think they should bring them to Britain.

“I don’t like fat people, I don’t really like really ugly people, I don’t like it when foreigners come into this country and they don’t take on British culture and British values.

“I’m for the British Empire and things. I’m for slavery, but that’s never going to come back.”

I’m guessing she doesn’t welcome the fact that I (and loads of other economic migrants) pay taxes to the British government (that pays for British people who dole-bludge) but do not have the right to say or do anything about anything. I’m guessing she wants a nation of thin, good looking, straight white people who live in Westminister whose only qualification is being thin, white, straight, and good looking. Oh, and bring back slavery. Because that was a good idea.

The fact that she has come from a boarding school is indicative that that boarding school did not educate her. Her mother and others can say she’s only young and silly, but she’s 18. Being young and silly at 18 is getting drunk and puking on your siblings. It is not saying that immigrants are only welcome if they completely abandon their culture and turn into chavs. If she hasn’t worked out fundamental moral issues by the time she’s 18, she’s going to end up quite surprised when she climbs out from that rock she’s been living under.

By the way, I think her views tell us a lot about what her family believes, too.

Can’t keep anything good


I got a DVD from my sister (Heading South).

Mark and Kristen sent me a scarf to match the hat I got for Christmas, and the book The Devil in the White City. This was recommended to me a number of months ago by young Jeff in California. Dr HH Holmes, America’s first acknowledged serial killer is one of two main characters, and since I’ve read about his crimes in the past, I’m quite excited about this. I also got a card about dogs and blogs. Very funny.

Then, I managed to uncover a secret plan to make me a turkey dinner for my birthday (I asked what the turkey defrosting on the counter was for). And Neil has invited his sister and her new man (we call him Shabba) to the Ben Folds concert tomorrow night. I really hope he plays some of my favourites. Mainly Song For the Dumped and Rockin’ the Suburbs.

No surprises so far (good), and no, I can never be kept waiting when it comes to birthday pressies.