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I wonder, if I had stayed on, if I would have been a part of championing this move of turning their Letters into a bloog. My bet is on no, since I was only a lowly research assistant in a far-flung Southeast Asian outpost.

Via Asymmetrical Information, where a commenter suggested a wiki for every article. FYI, I created a site with all my research notes and news sources back in the day (it was pretty big and all text), but I think it’s gone now, because it was on a freebie host as they were a bit stingy with resources at the time.

Even when liars tell the truth, they are never believed

It looks like the world could suffer because of the Bush Administration’s tendency to cry wolf. Today, there is scepticism over their claims that they have evidence of Iran messing about in Iraq.

What Iran might be doing in Iraq sounds serious, but the problem is it’s the Bushies who are shouting it. From what I heard on the radio this morning, certain elements in the Bush White House are extremely keen to launch an attack on Iran — with what troops? Aren’t they already having problems with enough troops for Afghanistan and Iraq?

This weekend I…

  • went for ‘dessert’ (nachos) and hot chocolate at Brucefield Farm
  • did some crafting and watching of television
  • ate half a pizza
  • stayed up watching weird programmes on Sky (except Miami Ink, which isn’t weird), eating ice cream (yes, me who is cold), taco chips and drinking juice (I’m a real animal, me)
  • spent the afternoon in Glasgow (more socks for monkeys)
  • watched The Day After Tomorrow (which was bloody scary since it’s so possible — we’ve gotta move back to Singapore to avoid the new Ice Age)

The black, rich sheep

Heeheehee: “The Singaporeans’ kiasu (win at all costs) negotiating style does them few favours in a region where saving face is important. But it is hard to avoid the suspicion that the little country’s unforgivable offence is being richer and more successful than its neighbours, and not particularly apologetic about it.” — Let’s all bash Singapore

Prisoner human rights lawsuits — a growth industry

This is going to end up a Scottish prison rights (or opposition to) bloog at some point. Yet another ‘human rights’ case funded by legal aid is being raised on behalf of a serial armed robber, who thinks that all his outgoing calls being preceded by a recorded message (stating that the call is originating from a Scottish prison and may be monitored) causes “an additional level of discomfort” in his dealings with the outside world.

I’ll just stop there and let you absorb the lunacy of this supposedly legal claim.

If I had a relative who was a criminal (oh wait, I do — he just prefers to be fugitive in China), I wouldn’t be ashamed of it, I would want people to know so if they do ever get to speak to said criminal relative, forewarned is forearmed.

I don’t want taxes I pay to go to funding this serial criminal’s attempt to create a mockery out of what is already a screwed up prison system. Dude, you hold people up. You threaten them with violence. You got caught. You don’t deserve the same rights as people who don’t break the law.

I really hope that the judiciary sees this for the waste of time it is.


Very uncool of me to agree with this considering what I do for a living right now: “If you truly believe you need to pick a mobile phone that “says something” about your personality, don’t bother. You don’t have a personality.” — I hate Macs

By the way, I don’t like the Mac ads. They’re kinda boring.

Also, my sister’s Mac started giving her serious problems after two years, needing to go get fixed. I used my Windows ME laptop for five years before upgrading, and I don’t HAVE to upgrade to Vista now. But then I forget that rabid Mac fans buy an upgrade as soon as it comes out, and probably assume that the rest of the world is as brand-loyal as they are.