Gillian McKeith is a fruitcake

Everything in moderation is the best dietary advice: “Basic, sensible dietary advice, that we all know – be honest – still stands. It’s the unjustified, self-serving and unnecessary overcomplication of this basic sensible dietary advice that is, to my mind, one of the greatest crimes of the nutritionist movement.” — A menace to science

Via Dietgirl.

Buying into the hype

I really like my industrial diamond ring. It’s chunky and not delicate at all. It’s girly, but not really. If I had a picture I would show you. It appears, however, that not many people are as enamoured of synthetically-produced diamonds as I am.

Naturally, I’ve vented about this more than once. The immorality of conflict diamonds are one thing — I just do not buy into the perceived value of diamonds that have inflated prices beyond (my) belief. Diamonds are nice, sure, but other stones are pretty, too. I just cannot accept that something that is personal adornment could or should cost that much.

So if I buy diamonds, I’m going to buy from places like Gordon Max (when they’re on sale). I will help people in places like Africa by supporting causes that promote micro-financing, skills training, or childrens’ education (I saw the teevee special on Petero Byakatonda the other night).

Arne Bevaart’s Culture Shock

I was practically crying with suppressed laughter reading this list (although as it went on it was looking suspiciously like a laundry list of complaints about how ludicrous Singapore can be), and here are my favourites (my comments in italics):

11. Your idea of a good night out consists of having dinner at a hawker centre, drinking beer, and then going to another hawker centre and eating again. Yeah, baby! Nothing’s better than the post-meal meal. I’m planning on having one of these in a couple of days myself!

25. You think that $100,000 is a reasonable price for a Toyota Corolla and $1,000,000 is a bloody cheap for a bungalow, but $5 for a plate of fried noodles is a barbarous outrage. This almost killed me, it’s so funny. Neil just found out that an apartment in a complex where I used to live is for sale — over S$2m! The loss his pal suffered on selling his WRX was about ten times more than what we paid for our little Peugeot. And $8 for a small piece of sambal stingray is extortionate.

26. You believe that not being able to get decent roti prata outside Singapore is enough to keep the best and the brightest people from leaving. Neil is almost in this camp — it’s the only thing he really and truly misses. He’s too good for the frozen stuff, so no prata for him.

32. You see nothing unusual about an organization of trade unions spending more time owning and operating supermarkets, drugstores,amusement parks, nightclubs, and financial services outlets than planning the next strike. I don’t even think of the NTUC as a trade union any more, they do everything! Heeheheheheheeee.

It’s a massively long list. If you make it all the way through, you’re more patient than I am.

The UK is failing children

It’s official: Britain is the worst place for children (compared to other developed countries, that is). According to UNICEF,

Britain’s youngsters had the worst relationships with their family and peers, suffered more from poverty and indulged in more “binge drinking” and hazardous sex than children in other wealthy nations, said the report.

So the Labour pollies are saying that the data UNICEF used was outdated. I wish the kids in our neighbourhood got that memo. There is so little to do and no sense of responsibility:

  • Our local shop’s just had its roller doors vandalised (allegedly by the ‘IRA’ and the neighbourhood’s ‘catholic crew’)
  • Teenagers hang out at this tiny row of shops, leaving all sorts of nasty garbage (including used condoms — ick ick ick) lying around for the shopowners to clean up
  • From what we’ve heard, it’s the girls who are the worst-behaved — the boys move on when you tell them to
  • Some moronic kid with a death wish was wandering around in the middle of the road one night and did not move to the pavement when we drove towards them; he actually moved further into our path, daring us to hit him
  • I actually feel a little uncomfortable if I’m to go out walking on my own when it’s dark

And do you know what the main problem is? These kids have no concept of consequences or responsibility, and their parents don’t help. When I was a teenager, behaving even remotely like these adolescents would bring down unbearable punishment — guilt at having let my mother down. These kids’ parents just threaten to thump you for calling their attention to their kids’ delinquency — most of these parents are probably still kids themselves, to revive a stereotype (where we live, it’s not a stereotype, it’s the rule).

Hey, sometimes getting in there may be the only answer

There’s a part of the brain that may cause the physical craving for a cigarette:

Nasir Naqvoi at the University of Iowa and Antoine Bechara at the brain and creativity institute at the University of Southern California have since identified other patients who quit smoking suddenly after experiencing similar brain damage.

The discovery gives neuroscientists fresh insight into the complex neurological circuitry of the addiction. While neurosurgeons are not about to tackle smoking addiction with a scalpel, it may give scientists clues for developing drugs to combat addicts’ urges.

I think they forget the psychological habit many people have — it’s not just an addiction to nicotine that keeps many puffing away, as I know all too well. So can we find that bit in the brain, too?

The inconsiderate high-beaming SUV drivers of the undersea world

giant squid attackingGiant squid disorient their prey with blinding flashes of light. The video I watched on the page seemed a bit off, but maybe it’ll be better for you. I got the idea, anyway. Super cool, this Nature thing.

The footage reveals the creatures emitting short flashes from light-producing organs, called photophores, on their arms.

How cool would that be in a club? Since the photophores also seem to function as a form of giant squid courtship, I can imagine some genetically-modified future where someone can flash the message, “Get your coat. You’ve pulled,” through the photophores they’ve got on their arms.

See how I moved from aggressive behaviour in the title to shagging? That’s human nature, my friends.

SIR blog

I wonder, if I had stayed on, if I would have been a part of championing this move of turning their Letters into a bloog. My bet is on no, since I was only a lowly research assistant in a far-flung Southeast Asian outpost.

Via Asymmetrical Information, where a commenter suggested a wiki for every article. FYI, I created a site with all my research notes and news sources back in the day (it was pretty big and all text), but I think it’s gone now, because it was on a freebie host as they were a bit stingy with resources at the time.

Even when liars tell the truth, they are never believed

It looks like the world could suffer because of the Bush Administration’s tendency to cry wolf. Today, there is scepticism over their claims that they have evidence of Iran messing about in Iraq.

What Iran might be doing in Iraq sounds serious, but the problem is it’s the Bushies who are shouting it. From what I heard on the radio this morning, certain elements in the Bush White House are extremely keen to launch an attack on Iran — with what troops? Aren’t they already having problems with enough troops for Afghanistan and Iraq?

This weekend I…

  • went for ‘dessert’ (nachos) and hot chocolate at Brucefield Farm
  • did some crafting and watching of television
  • ate half a pizza
  • stayed up watching weird programmes on Sky (except Miami Ink, which isn’t weird), eating ice cream (yes, me who is cold), taco chips and drinking juice (I’m a real animal, me)
  • spent the afternoon in Glasgow (more socks for monkeys)
  • watched The Day After Tomorrow (which was bloody scary since it’s so possible — we’ve gotta move back to Singapore to avoid the new Ice Age)