Signs that lack of sleep actually does affect cognition

When I’m done crocheting on the train and I don’t read because I’m the kind of person who can get so into a book that the entire universe disappears and I miss my stop, I do spot the kind-of-slightly-looks-like-a-celebrity. This morning Thom Yorke was sitting two seats away and Alan Alda chatted to me.

Well, that was obvious

Neil and I watched the news this morning, and I am flabbergasted it is only now that the government is talking about cutting or doing away with benefits for those scamming ths system because claiming unemployment benefits gets them more money and less hassle than getting a job.

It’s probably not a vote-winning measure among the hardcore Labour voter (and as Neil smirks, “Most of these ‘Labour’, ‘blue collar’ voters haven’t worked a day in their lives!”), but I would’ve thought that this was something bloody obvious. If you motivate people to look for and obtain employment (with positive and negative financial reinforcement), most of them will get off their arses.

I want to know that the money I (will shortly begin to) pay in taxes actually goes to help people who really need it and improve public facilities, not to dole-bludgers who get paid for doing absolutely nothing.

Man held over prostitute murders

That was much faster than I had anticipated. I wonder if his profile will be released soon, I want to see if my wild speculations came anywhere close to accurate.

Update: his name is Tom Stephens, he’s a supermarket worker (what’s that? Does he pack the bags? Grab the trolleys?), and knew Tania Nicol, Annette Nichols, and Gemma Adams (at least that’s the impression I’ve got). He has a MySpace page (via The Guardian, I knew MySpace was evil). He may have been involved in an earlier murder.

No information other than that, if there’s forensic evidence that links him to the crimes, I’m sure we’ll hear all the gory details in due course.

We all live under the same sky

Last night was the premiere of Born Equal, a film about the rich and the homeless in London. Neil had remarked that the sales pitch from the trailers made it sound like a UK version of Crash (the recent one, not the fetishistic one), and I’m grateful it didn’t (really) end up that way.

And Colin Firth was in it. Squee.

It’s a real shame that Robert Carlyle is so typecast. That does not mean he wasn’t good but I wish he would play different characters. But then I don’t know if I would then say, “But he’ll always be Begbie to me,” kind of like how Rupert Grint will always be Ron Weasley, even though he was playing someone different (in Driving Lessons, also on last night so I missed it).

Blinkers ON!

Iran is Where Holocaust denial is welcomed. I’m definitely not a Zionist or pro-Israel or anything, I’m not anti-Semitic either. I don’t care what your religion is as long as you are a good person and do the best you can (and not hurt anyone in the process). I’ve read enough books to be as sure as anyone (who didn’t directly experience it) that the Holocaust happened. Perhaps the attendees of the ‘conference’ have a very different definition of what Holocaust means when it comes to this particular religious group.

While Israel exists, the enemy of the enemy is my friend, I suppose. I do find it hard to believe that these Holocaust deniers of various extremist religious interpretations would actually ever get along if it wasn’t for this common ridiculous hate.