Gay adoption and forcing everyone to accept it

Since I’m a bleeding heart liberal on most days*, it might come as a surprise to some that I don’t support requiring religious adoption agencies to work with same-sex couples.

This is definitely not to say that I don’t think same-sex couples should raise children. As long as a relationship is healthy, respectful, and responsible, I think children raised in that environment have a better than average chance to be well-rounded, compared to children raised in dysfunctional families, homo or hetero.

Having covered my arse there, here’s what I think. Adoption agencies should be given the freedom to appeal to ‘niche markets’, as it were. I think there are enough non-denominational agencies that serve the majority of the adoption-seeking market, so what’s the harm in some religious agencies choosing to serve only heterosexual couples (I’ve always wondered if a woman who likes to wear strap-ons married to a man who likes to have his fudge packed would be considered a heterosexual couple)? IMHO, if a gay couple chooses to go to a religious adoption agency, knowing full well that that agency feels their union is wrong, they are deliberately seeking conflict. And people who seek unnecessary conflict are not going to be the best parents.

There appears to be a market niche that hasn’t been filled just yet. Since the UK now legalises gay unions, why can’t there be an adoption agency that has a specialty in placing children with these couples?

(Neil agrees that religious agencies should be allowed to discriminate, too, but for different reasons. He thinks adopted children are stigmatised enough, to then add ‘gay parents’ to the mix just makes things worse — but he thinks offspring of gay couples who used a surrogate or sperm donor would be more okay. To me, this begs the question of what is more stigmatising in the playground, being adopted or having same-sex parents?)

* I’m beginning to think I’m more of a libertarian now.

At least they can send text messages to give the bad news

10,000 passports were issued to imaginary people last year. If I’d known it was so easy to get a UK passport I wouldn’t have spent so much money and time getting a proper visa.

It admitted 10,000 passports were wrongly given in the past year, but said plans to interview applicants would combat such fraud.

The current level of incompetence (no face-to-face interviews?) dazzles me. If they can’t sort out their own passport office, what in Deity’s name can they do about more complex issues like asylum seekers and illegal immigrants?

Coughing up lovely phlegm

Since I’m crook, there aren’t going to be any gym visits prior to my 6K race (I now laugh at the misnomer) on Sunday. That means I won’t have run a step since early last week.

However, I may not do a lot of running on the day either, as my colds — if serious — end up becoming bronchitis. So if I’m not feeling at least 90% healthy, I’m gonna be walking / jogging lightly.

This sucks. I’m not happy about this bloody cold at all.

This distresses me, as my stamina seems to feel the effects of not exercising extremely rapidly, and I’m going to have start my training again from square one. What’s worse is I’ve actually lost weight these last few months — my hip bones are becoming more pronounced and I can see more of my ribs. My whole goal of exercising and eating like it was going out of style was to put muscle ON.

Yes, small violin.

Bryan Taylor’s election bloog

I always find it funny that there is a BBC correspondent who shares the same name (though not quite the same spelling) as Neil’s pal. And that there’s one named Glenn Campbell (is he a Rhinestone Cowboy — heehee, sorry).

Anyways. Bryan Taylor, BBC bloke, is now posting on the BBC elections bloog. A recent post talked about the SNP first 100 days in power thingy, and noted

… Mr A. Salmond positively welcomes a row over what the SNP might do in power. It means people are accepting that it might well happen and he wants the debate to be about him, in power.

I remember reading that Alex Salmond was ‘ready to rule‘. He didn’t say if he’d be any GOOD at it, just that he really WANTS to be in power. He certainly appears to be more interested in becoming KNOWN as a statesman instead of working to SERVE his country.

If the Scottish electorate deliver the SNP an election victory, I guess they’ll really be getting the government they deserve.

Don’t pretend your reason for war never existed

Eric Joyce was on BBC Radio Scotland this morning, saying the UK was part of the invasion force because Saddam Hussein was a tyrant toward his people.

I’m fairly certain the main reason given for the UK signing up to an invasion of Iraq in 2003 was the non-compliance of Saddam Hussein’s regime with respect to United Nations directives on Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Thanks to the power of the Internets I know my memory isn’t faulty. Thanks to the power of the Internets we know he is just desperately trying to rewrite history to make his party (and himself) look less like utter turds.

This weekend I…

Snow duck
  • watched Comic Relief until I got too tired (I have great respect for Tony Blair for playing along)
  • woke up with a sore throat
  • went to Livingston and checked out DIY stuff at B&Q
  • had beef fried rice for dinner
  • watched CSI:NY (crap) and Grey’s Anatomy (I can see why people like it)
  • got a late text message announcing the arrival of Baby G
  • woke up feeling a bit worse (I am positive there is a curse on me — when I run with no charity sponsorships I’m fine, once I start collecting money for charity I fall ill)
  • made a snow duck and Neil taught me how to throw a snowball (and he claimed he wasn’t having any fun)
  • had lunch at The Newhouse
  • did loads of crafting
  • watched Grey’s Anatomy
  • half-watched Not Another Teen Movie (Holy Crap that was Lacey Chabert?)
Pile of snowballs