Cultivate that restless habit

Lucky for me my definition of sitting still equals shaking my legs and fidgeting a lot. Office Workers More Prone to Blood Clots:

The study found that 34 per cent of patients admitted to hospital with blood clots had been seated at work for long periods, its leader, Prof. Richard Beasley of New Zealand’s privately funded Medical Research Institute, told The Associated Press.

“There are considerably more people who are seated for long periods at work as part of their normal day than there are traveling,” he said, adding the main groups affected are workers in the information technology industry and in call centers.

The 34 percent finding is far higher than the 1.4 percent of blood-clot patients who recently traveled on long-haul flights, and the study showed a clear link between travel and work-related thrombosis.

Everyone around me says my fidgeting about is annoying, I call it prescient and an indicator of my good health.

I don’t want to ask again, but I will

Hey, people. I’ve got this fundraising widget on the right for Alzheimer’s Research Trust, a charity I am trying to raise £200 for by running in a six-kilometre road race in a couple of weeks’ time. I am raising funds offline for St Andrew’s Hospice. I’ll try to beat my current time of 40 minutes, so you know I’m making an effort.


Every pound counts, so even if you can’t afford to donate a lot, please consider £5, which is just US$10 or S$15. It’s not a lot of money.


Open letter

To Whom It may Concern,

Please turn the tap off when you’re done washing your hands. I suppose I should be grateful that you’ve washed your hands at all, but leaving the tap trickling wastes water and it annoys the fuck out of me when I have to turn off this tap every single time I use the bathroom.


Mapping with no navigation is ideal

I am totally considering installing smart2go and MapLoader because I’m too bloody cheap to buy an AtoZ (although I really could use one). It looks pretty much perfect for my needs.

This weekend I…

Shock Horror
  • met Jeff at his hotel to have dinner at The Ubiquitous Chip (very expensive for what it was)
  • had a drink at Jinty McGinty’s and The Wee Pub
  • ended up at Karbon (not really my kind of place, what with all those people looking for a shag)
  • slept in, and met Jeff again at Borders (he was hungover all day)
  • had lunch at Bier Halle, then walked around town (saw Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s School of Art) and to the West End (through Kelvingrove Park and the museum, but it was closed)
  • had dinner at some pub, then bought cheap (ish) books and had a final drink at Nice N Sleazy
  • slept in again, then went to the shops for my lunch for the week
  • computered on a freelance project
  • had dinner at Ravello’s
  • computered some more while Neil watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Life interrupted

I’ve had a passing interest in Pompeii, deepened when I read the novel by Robert Harris, and now it’s on my list of places to see before I die after seeing these slides. Via Neatorama.

Being a grown up can really suck sometimes

There’s not a lot happening at the moment, as my life looks like this at the moment:

  • wake up, wash up, get dressed, make my sandwich, eat yoghurt, drink tea, get car out of garage
  • get to work, spend all day at work (and put up with colleagues bouncing a small yellow ball around and talking shite)
  • drive home, have dinner
  • one of three things for an hour or so — go to gym, play on computer, craft
  • shower
  • bed

Very exciting. On the weekends I get to watch Saturday Kitchen on BBC 1 and the hobbit chef on STV and finally, in triumph, shop at Asda in Livingston.

THIS weekend, however, will be a bit different. My friend Jeff is in town, and he wants us to go to a CLUB tonight. A real club. With duk duk music (ugh) and everything. And we’re to go sightseeing (judging by the weather, it’s gonna be a museum and not outdoors) tomorrow.

Words cannot express my alarm at the disruption of my timetable and well-planned, comfortable life. I may strike over this.