TMI #34

And now Anne wants to toilet train, even though I don’t think she’s really ready. Fabulous.


I hope he’s not in pain

No matter what anyone thinks of the Singapore government’s oppressive, paranoid, and litigious nature, the vast majority of us would not lead such comfortable lives if not for what Lee Kuan Yew did in his political life. You have to have that kind of personality to get the shite done.

I don’t think the politicians in Singapore today have the same sense of realpolitik.

Turned away by the fashion police

We actually got to watch 4Music the other day — Anne has decided that she likes dancing to some of the songs (Uptown Funk!) — and a new single by Chris Brown and Tyga (maybe?) was on. I remarked that the measure of success these days seems to centre around looking like:

  • a criminal;
  • who is colour-blind;
  • and gets dressed in the dark.

Well, Neil thought it was funny.