I hope he’s not in pain

No matter what anyone thinks of the Singapore government’s oppressive, paranoid, and litigious nature, the vast majority of us would not lead such comfortable lives if not for what Lee Kuan Yew did in his political life. You have to have that kind of personality to get the shite done.

I don’t think the politicians in Singapore today have the same sense of realpolitik.

Turned away by the fashion police

We actually got to watch 4Music the other day — Anne has decided that she likes dancing to some of the songs (Uptown Funk!) — and a new single by Chris Brown and Tyga (maybe?) was on. I remarked that the measure of success these days seems to centre around looking like:

  • a criminal;
  • who is colour-blind;
  • and gets dressed in the dark.

Well, Neil thought it was funny.

A mug isn’t just made of ceramic

Imagine this. You’ve got hold of a knackered ladder that’s been used on many a decorating project. You’re having a bit of a clear out — and instead of taking it to the recycling centre, or freecycling it, you put it on eBay for a starting bid of £25 (plus £14 for postage) and describe it as shabby chic.

Neil wants me to ask the seller if they’re for real.

What we do before bed

I think Anne’s starting to feel insecure in her position as The Boss. She insists on sleeping with me every night, and Neil has been consigned to sleeping in her bed (she has a double, it’s not exactly a hardship). I like to read before going to sleep, it’s the way I wind down — assuming the book isn’t too exciting — and Anne usually asks me to read to her as well. Lately she’s started picking up another book I’ve left on my bedside table and ‘reading’ with me.

reading before bed

As Neil commented right before he took this photo, it might be more convincing if she held the book the right way up.

(She’s thumbing through The People’s Act of Love by James Meek, I’m reading The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer.)