Every silver lining…

While it’s great that Anne can now say a number of words quite clearly, it’s a little less wonderful that she defaults to “MUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYY! UPPPPPPPP!” as she goes through this 18-month sleep regression.

(Although, since she’s never slept more than three hours at a stretch, I shouldn’t really be classifying it as a regression. More an increased fussiness as she won’t go back to sleep easily, unless I sleep with her on the sofa bed.)

Here’s Anne photo bombing a shot of her cousin Mila while we were on holiday.

breakfast photo bomb

Bad bad bad

While I’m glad Anne’s finally got through the phase where everything and everyone is ‘daddy’, I’m less amused that she is pointing at pictures and drawings of monkeys and saying ‘mummy’. You have got to be fucking kidding me.