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Play area

We’re on holiday. Heathrow has a soft play area next to the gate. Woohoo!

Bad bad bad

While I’m glad Anne’s finally got through the phase where everything and everyone is ‘daddy’, I’m less amused that she is pointing at pictures and drawings of monkeys and saying ‘mummy’. You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Seeing the future

Or holding on to the baby as she insists on getting on a horse on the coin-operated carousel.


A photo from March this year that I’ve only managed to get processed this week. And what a week.


“She’s being taken away from you because you don’t deserve her. Don’t get too attached.” Those were the thoughts that flashed through my head when I was watching Neil try to revive Anne after she collapsed in the shower. Her eyes had rolled up in her head and she just keeled over backwards. I caught […]


Enjoying the late summer sun at the Old Town Gardens.


What Neil said (in the video). Today, she bopped about in her high chair during lunch to Tone Lōc’s Wild Thing. Oh dear.

Snack time

Who wants fruit cut down to size when you can have the whole thing (and never finish it)?

Like a kid

… in a sweet shop! Heh. Her great-aunt bought her this dress