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Walking on bushes

The second coming hasn’t quite worked out as expected. Look ma, no… er, never mind She’s walking on a hedge. Not through, on.

Born to make you worry

Children, that is. Their main job in life is to keep their oldies anxious. We’ve spent the last two days in hospital with Anne. She’s been having more seizures. No definitive diagnosis as yet, but we’ve narrowed it down to two, I think – atypical febrile convulsions due to infection, or epilepsy. It’s going to […]

Mark Rothko, she ain’t

Due to my non-artyness, I’ve never really thought about letting Anne make her own art at home, aside from a bit of crayon on paper. Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, I got a plastic tablecloth and sat her in her high chair, thus helping to contain the mess. (This also means not leaving her side […]


Cold, wet days are fun! Then, if you keep falling over — once on your face — and your mum doesn’t bring a change of clothes, you get pretty soggy. At least she could be zipped up in her stroller’s footmuff.

Water baby

A final couple of snaps from the Great Bahamian Adventure™: The kid is an adrenaline junkie And Daddy gives the best hugs

Every silver lining…

While it’s great that Anne can now say a number of words quite clearly, it’s a little less wonderful that she defaults to “MUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYY! UPPPPPPPP!” as she goes through this 18-month sleep regression. (Although, since she’s never slept more than three hours at a stretch, I shouldn’t really be classifying it as a regression. More […]

Très cool

On board Riding High with the Barefoot Sailing company.

Playing with sand

Anne and Mila playing the ever-popular game, Let’s fling sand at each other.