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What we do before bed

I think Anne’s starting to feel insecure in her position as The Boss. She insists on sleeping with me every night, and Neil has been consigned to sleeping in her bed (she has a double, it’s not exactly a hardship). I like to read before going to sleep, it’s the way I wind down — […]

Wonderful news

Tean’s chicken curry paste is quite spicy when cooked according to the printed directions. I used double the amount of coconut milk, in the hope that Anne would not find it too spicy. It was still pretty spicy, but as I didn’t give her any sauce, just shredded chicken, I reckoned she’d cope. And how. […]

Child labour

Looking for work as a yard helper. All work considered, no jobs too small. Reasonable rates. … … Yes, I’m kidding.

I swear, if she didn’t exit via my birth canal

Me: Do you want to wear this dress? (It’s a dress I bought for my niece that she has since outgrown and it’s been handed down.) Anne: Yes! I like it! … it’s got flowers! WHOSE CHILD IS THIS??!!

Splish splash splosh

At least mud tends to wash out They had to find the muddiest, deepest puddle at the park to go stomp and jump around in.

Big corn

Anne at Braydon Maize Maze. This experience unfortunately did not tempt her to eat any corn on the cob.