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I never imagined #3

… I would see my mother bounce along to rap. It worked on Mila, so we, too, were trying the ‘Notorious BIG sends baby to sleep‘ trick.

Proportions of time

Anne is four weeks old today. My mum took this shot on the weekend, when we ventured out for a quick walk. These past four weeks, by far, have been the longest four weeks of my life. Mainly because I’ve been awake for so much of it! (Yes, Kristen, we took her out in the […]

Showing you the way

We got Anne into a ring sling and even took a short walk yesterday (to the post box and back). In my currently very limited world, this minor achievement is tantamount to my personally resolving the South China Sea dispute between China and the Philippines to the satisfaction of all parties.


One must make the best of photos shot in super macro mode that don’t quite work out…

Too much?

Neil suggested I take a final bump photo as we were heading off to hospital to be assessed (I was in labour, but we had no idea how far along I’d got). Which was probably a good thing, because the next time I was home we had a baby in our lives. Labouring at home […]