My mother, sister, and niece dropped by for a week to hang out and meet young Anne (Mum stayed for two months to get us through the hardest parts before going to celebrate my niece’s first birthday in Nassau).

Chuen, Mila, and Anne

We did lots, but most valuable to me at the moment was my sister’s advice and cheerleading as a more experienced first-time mum. Anne’s sleep also began improving while they were here (hurray for melatonin). I haven’t had to play Tupac nor Biggie in a while!

Attached parenting

Anne is one of those babies who needs to be near, i.e. carried by, someone for much of the day. So I’d be screwed if not for the ring sling. Here she is, just after being released from the sling:

My day

She also knows the moment my attention isn’t 100% on her. I’m guessing her behaviour is the exclusive preserve of first-borns.

This is my way of saying that life has moved on to a different type of monotony. At least she smiles back at us now!

What must be done

Cloth bumming a kid is dangerous — I’ve just bought a completely unnecessary Flip nappy wrap in Albert (i.e. it’s covered with a print of Einstein’s writing, and it’s unnecessary because I have enough wraps) and a night nappy kit that’s on offer, in the next size up. Who knew nappies would become such an obsession?


Further to my earlier post about trying out 90s rap music to calm Anne down, I can now report what works and what doesn’t. Bet you’re all excited and have been waiting with bated breath.

  • Hypnotize by Notorious BIG definitely works;
  • California Love by Tupac Shakur also definitely shuts her up;
  • Love Unlimited by the Fun Lovin’ Criminals calms her down pretty consistently, too;
  • What doesn’t work is any of the modern ‘grime’ / urban stuff — we tried Labrinth and Tinie Tempah and the techno beats just made her worse;
  • White noise seems to help her settle if she’s half-asleep and it’s the middle of the night.

Neil does not bop along to the beat when he tries to get her to calm down and sleep. I think he’s missing the point of the exercise…

Update: No Diggity by Blackstreet works (as per Jeff’s request to test it), but the most effective for the young miss (by a country mile) is California Love.

Update (14 August 2012): I was listening to BBC 6 Music and Anne fell asleep to Public Enemy’s Don’t Believe the Hype. Not sure if it’s a coincidence.

Proportions of time

Anne is four weeks old today. My mum took this shot on the weekend, when we ventured out for a quick walk.

Out in the sling

These past four weeks, by far, have been the longest four weeks of my life. Mainly because I’ve been awake for so much of it!

(Yes, Kristen, we took her out in the Wondersuit!)