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Accidentally Eastenders

Anne: Xavvi and I were playing today. Me: Mm-hmm (in the way that one who isn’t really paying that much attention mm-hmms). Anne: He was the King, and I was his bird. Me: I’m sorry, what?! … Did he tell you that? (He’s Polish, so that would be weird.) Anne: No, I told him. I […]

Honorary Singaporean

Anne’s best mate is over after school. They’re having a snack, and I ask what they want to do after they eat it. “Eat some more snacks,” I’m cheerfully told. Someone get that girl a Singapore passport and a map of all the hawker centres.

I’m here all night

Currently sitting up in bed with this little girl sleeping on me like a baby monkey, because she has a bad cold and can’t get to sleep any other way.

What happens when you are incapable of not talking

Anne’s experiencing her second week of school, and she has now made friends (“On the pirate ship!” Oh, if only my primary school had one of those) with twin boys who — while not in her actual class at school — happen to be in the same after-school swim class. Their mum said that they […]

White hair had better become really trendy, fast

I swear, these little fuckers shitebags people are trying to drive me insane. The only things they both like are fries / chips and chicken nuggets, everything is is literally love-hate, i.e. one loves and the other hates.

I didn’t get cross, she fake cried anyway

THE SCENE I am nursing Eliza back to sleep, it’s past bedtime, and Anne has come in. She had a nap in the afternoon so isn’t tired. ANNE: Mummy, can I have one circle crispie (I had been having a snack before Eliza stirred and put a bag of crisps on the table)? ME: (Whispering) […]

That’s my interpretation

Parents were the invited into school today to help the kids make an ugly bug costume for an ugly bug ball tomorrow. Anne wanted to be a ladybird. Her ladybird also required a mask — a strip of paper with eye holes poked out. So her costume is a ladybird dressed as a ninja turtle.

The post about living with and managing atopic dermatitis, aka eczema

I have never neglected my weblog for this long. Ever. My only excuse — and family and friends know this — is that Eliza’s been struggling with eczema for a number of months, and her misery (therefore my lack of sleep) has contributed to my not posting a thing here. Although I’ve definitely missed it. […]

Pulling it together

You know your love for your children is unconditional when you switch to drinking coconut milk (instead of cow’s) to take a possible trigger food out of your baby’s diet — and you despise coconut. (Having looked into the other plant-based alternatives, the plan is to alternate between that and homemade almond milk.) Edited to […]