Only a look

“I need cake. I need caaa-aaaake!”

“You want to share some cake?”

“Yes. I big piece, you little piece.”


“Er, I little piece, you big piece.”

Good to know she fully understands the nuances of non-verbal communication.

(I baked three small traybakes yesterday. Two are for a school fundraiser, this one I only added half as much sugar as I should have.)

Accidentally Eastenders

Anne: Xavvi and I were playing today.

Me: Mm-hmm (in the way that one who isn’t really paying that much attention mm-hmms).

Anne: He was the King, and I was his bird.

Me: I’m sorry, what?! … Did he tell you that?

(He’s Polish, so that would be weird.)

Anne: No, I told him. I was his pet bird. A parrot!

Honorary Singaporean

Anne’s best mate is over after school. They’re having a snack, and I ask what they want to do after they eat it.

“Eat some more snacks,” I’m cheerfully told.

Someone get that girl a Singapore passport and a map of all the hawker centres.