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Defeats the entire purpose of eating out

I go out to eat so I don’t have to cook. If going out meant having to cook my own dinner, I might as well stay home and do all my attractive food-prep-teeth-gritting there.

Vitriol is expected

All this bad feeling about the results of the general election! I’ve read bitterly disappointed words and also — frankly — crude and immature ones, too (referring to Cameron as power-hungry because he can’t, er, satisfy his wife’s needs, but not in those words). The voters have spoken (read: if you didn’t vote because you […]


I actually reckon it’s a bit weird to broadcast who you’ve voted for. Surely just knowing you’ve voted is enough?

Stereotypes don’t invent themselves, but editing might

Neil’s been watching The Island with Bear Grylls, so I have been as well. A few thoughts: I’d never be stupid enough to sign up. I have no reserves on me, I’d be dead in a couple of days. If I was stupid enough to sign up, I certainly hope I wouldn’t be as vacuous […]

Not as subtle as Hitchcock

Bloody hell, I hope they’re not in my dreams tonight: ‘Terror birds’ had deep voices, fossil suggests.