Nothing more than fee-eeelings…

I remain somewhat puzzled by the outrage over the voter ID trials in Swindon. Here, the requirement is to bring your polling card as ID. If you don’t bring it, then you need to show another form of photo ID. Everyone who is registered to vote will get a polling card. So if you bring your polling card on Thursday, you won’t be disenfranchised at all. So, what’s the problem? (I accept that voter fraud seems minimal, and the real problem is low election turnout. So this seems to be a waste of money. Or is it guarding against potential chicanery? In our era of ‘fake news’ and outright brazen lying by people who are supposed to be our elected representatives, maybe testing ways of safeguarding elections isn’t such a dumb idea.)

Irony. He has it. Without knowing it.

The Week used this quote deliberately, surely (Donald Trump sets his sights on tougher libel laws):

Donald Trump has said he wants to strengthen libel laws, after a controversial book detailed the inner workings of his White House.

If libel laws were stronger, he said, “you wouldn’t have things like that happen where you can say whatever comes into your head”.

Does this mean that at some point in the future, he will question the authenticity of his verified Twitter account? And he will do it via Twitter?


If you enjoy watching people who think they’re being oh-so-clever metaphorically self-immolate, does that give you a) dictatorial tendencies; or b) a massive case of schadenfreude?

Serious question