Crusty no-knead bread

A gadget we bought my mother-in-law the first Christmas we were in the UK was a bread maker. As far as I’m aware, it’s still plugging away, over a decade later. I’ve been umm-ing and aah-ing about getting one myself — if you bake your own bread, you don’t end up with single use plastic bags you have to dispose of or recycle. But I don’t like the hole you get in the bottom of the bread when you use a bread maker, so I’ve never been completely persuaded to get one.

I reckon it’s been around six months and I’ve tried the food processor method as well as a more traditional method, i.e. lots of kneading. I’ve also made pita breads with Eliza one day when we were at a bit of a loose end. I think our yeast was too old, so all my efforts have been somewhat… dense. Yesterday, I decided to give a no-knead recipe a go — one that is supposedly quite famous, but behind a paywall. Thank you other people, who have posted the recipe on Genius Kitchen (plus an adapted version on A Stack of Dishes).

It works! The resulting loaf was rough and ready, but tasty and soft. I was ready to suggest getting rid of our cast iron casserole pot, but it’s definitely staying around now that I can use it to bake decent bread.

This is time-consuming, but there is actually very little hands-on attention required, which is perfect. My next task is to figure out how to make this and create as little washing up and waste as possible.