Recently, I made applesauce. First, I seriously underestimated the size of pot I would need to cook down two bramley and two granny smith apples. I chopped them up into roughly inch-sized chunks, leaving out the seeds.

Applesauce, before
Apples stuffed into a pot

Then I turned on the hob and cooked it down. I squeezed in the juice of half a lemon, mainly because I had half a lemon hanging around in the fridge*. It took a while before they softened and turned to mush.

applesauce, cooked
Applesauce after cooking down

What’s most important is I didn’t have to change pot. It halved in volume, and I also stuck them in the food processor so that it would go smooth (I always keep the skins on, so this is a necessary step for me).

My plan for the applesauce is to use it:

  1. as a sweet spread, i.e. jam;
  2. as a sweetener in plain yoghurt; and
  3. as a snack on its own

You can also use the puréed applesauce to make your own apple fruit roll (leather). But that’s another topic for another time.

* I don’t think you should add any additional fruit you like, because they may not go together. I used my lonely lemon because it helps stop things like apples from going brown.