Can you reconcile minimalism and being environmentally conscious?

I was struck by a thread I read on Facebook group on minimalism regarding disposable tableware. There was a shameful amount of people who said they cared more about being ‘minimal’ than the amount of waste they produce.

Newsflash: living simply is not about living wastefully. Choosing to buy single-use over reusable says more about how obsessed you are with your image, rather than actually only possessing what you need for a comfortable life, because you clearly need plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery — otherwise you wouldn’t be buying disposable versions, would you?

You know what’s another word for minimalism? Frugality. People set themselves these ridiculous rules for being minimalist, when it’s really just another way to spend money and being mistakenly virtuous about it.

Admit it. Being a minimalist in today’s world is the new conspicuous consumption, because with easy credit the plebs can buy loads of shit, too.