Is being a realist these days the same as being out of touch?

Just taking a break from not having the time to post for this:

Not in the history of American politics has a president, or even candidate, differed so sharply from his supporters as Donald Trump. Millions of ordinary Americans, most concentrated in rural areas, increasingly resentful of the “elites” in the media, the government and academia, have anointed a man with a golden elevator in his Penthouse as the leader of their populist movement.

It has become painful to participate in political discourse, because rather than arguing over different interpretations of historical fact and statistical data, the disputes revolve around the denial of truth.

The world is rapidly changing, and with those changes, education, or at least trade school training, becomes essential. Alleging that everyone who adjusts to modernity is “elitist” will only traffic in more personal and political disappointments.

I agree with this so much, especially the bit about political discourse being painful. I kind of understand why we choose to stay in our echo chamber, because it’s so incredibly distressing to speak to someone who wilfully denies the painful realities of modern life as a lie supposed elitists tell.