Stereotypes don’t invent themselves, but editing might

Neil’s been watching The Island with Bear Grylls, so I have been as well. A few thoughts:

  • I’d never be stupid enough to sign up. I have no reserves on me, I’d be dead in a couple of days.
  • If I was stupid enough to sign up, I certainly hope I wouldn’t be as vacuous as so many of the women seem to be. Yes, you found some water. You need to find more, and food, not sit around, sunbathe, and talk shit.
  • It makes me wonder if the editing made the women look like they thought they’d be spending time lounging in bikinis on the beach, accidentally-on-purpose launching their own media careers, while the men seemed much more focused (but not necessarily any more successful, they were just working on the food, water, and shelter situation all the time).
  • What happened to mummy pig? First the women left the piglets alone because mummy was there, then she disappeared. WTF?