Apparently fast food is acceptable on a Paleo diet

Overheard a cashier in a health food / supplements shop recommending the Paleo diet to a (young) customer who was asking about fat-burning pills.

Customer’s mum: Just eat healthily and you’ll lose weight.

Customer: I can’t keep that up, Mum!

Cashier: [Some sort of preamble, asking about illness, medications]… The pills won’t be of any use to you. You should try going Paleo, I’m on it, it’s not a diet, you change the way you eat completely. It keeps me lean… [brief explanation of what Paleo is in terms of meat and fat, but ignoring the ‘loads of fruit and vegetables’ part of the lifestyle]… so you can eat McDonalds twice a week and not feel bad, because it’s high in protein and fat, and low in carbs.

Customer: … and I don’t have to go to the gym?

Cashier: Nope.

Customer (to her Mum): See?! I can eat McDonalds.

Words fail me.

(Except when it was my turn to pay, I remarked that her previous customer was going to start eating McDonalds twice a week based on her advice.)