Battle of the cookbooks

Seriously. But not really, since Hugh beat Jamie without any real effort.

Thanks to my mother doing so much cooking while she was here, we realised how much money we were spending eating out, since I hate cooking. So we decided that we should definitely try to cook and eat at home more often than not. Mum left a bunch of recipes and we were doing okay, then the race to be Christmas’ number one cookbook began.

(When Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals was published, it stayed at the number one spot for what felt like months. It consistently sold thousands every week. I bought a copy — Kristen wanted one.)

We went to the bookshop to check out Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals, because the series looked interesting enough. But I also wanted to check out Hugh’s Three Good Things on a Plate. Neil made the decision in favour of Hugh — the recipes looked more achievable and he thinks Jamie Oliver puts it on a little too much.

Of the handful of recipes we’ve tried so far, my favourites have been halloumi, asparagus, and potatoes, as well as pasta, blue cheese, and tomatoes.

Tangent: Neil took over the cooking of the pasta dish after I did the prep. Anne took my hand and shoved my finger in her mouth for a good chew. She wasn’t expecting to taste garlic. The look on her face was pretty priceless — the very picture of distaste.

(What the hell has happened to me?)