My Friend Dahmer

My Friend DahmerJeff might be my literary soul mate. He sent me a copy of My Friend Dahmer speculatively in anticipation of my labour and delivery. I’m sure he didn’t mean to hint that I should pay attention in case Anne has dark fantasies and murderous desires as an adolescent.

I don’t read graphic novels enough. This is an excellent personal observation of Dahmer as a young man, before he started his less-than-wholesome extra curricular activities. Told from a peer’s point of view, it feels very authentic and matter-of-fact. Backderf isn’t shying from admitting to things he did that he may now be ashamed of, and he asks some serious questions of the adults in Dahmer’s life.

2 thoughts on “My Friend Dahmer

  1. Not just anyone would think a graphic novel about a notorious serial killer makes a suitable maternity gift, but I’m proud to be that guy. I’m glad to say I steered clear of the HR Giger stuff pre-labor, though.

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