The Silent Land

The Silent LandI’d seen The Silent Land mentioned on one of the sites I do work for, and it sounded really good. It’s also been nominated for a number of science fiction and fantasy awards, I’ve just discovered. But reading it left me feeling a little deflated, to be honest.

A couple dig themselves out of an avalanche and return to their village and hotel to recover, only to discover the entire place is deserted. Even worse, every time they try to leave, they find themselves back at the village.

I can’t quite put my finger on why the book didn’t do anything for me. The premise wasn’t the most original, but it was interesting enough. I managed to finish the novel in a decent time, so it wasn’t the author’s style. The main thing that niggled with me throughout, though, was the dialogue. I just didn’t find it convincing.

And the ending? Oh man. I don’t even really want to go there, but I will. So there are obviously spoilers.

Basically she ‘dreamed’ it all while unconscious after the avalanche? Seriously?! And if it all really happened on another plane of reality, that sort of gushy sentimentality makes me want to spew.

(Unless a romance-y book very closely brushes my current fears and experiences, I am very, very unlikely to enjoy it.)

So I did want to like this novel, but it is, sadly, a completely forgettable story for me, and I’m glad I only borrowed it from the library. It’s the type of novel I’d take on holiday, because I wouldn’t feel an iota of regret at leaving it behind for someone else to enjoy.