One thought on “Hard right

  1. Ooh, Anna Marie. I like her almost as much as Rachel. I missed that she started working for the G.

    Santorum is worse than Gingrich, if that is possible. He was a well funded incumbent that lost to a Democrat challenger by 18%. He is another big business cretin, taking money from the health care industry to advocate legislation that screws over the poor. He also supposedly ran a scam where he got $73,000 to home school his kids in one city, even though he was living in another state at the time. I think if he got any real power, he would make the Spanish Inquisition look like mellow slackers.

    Romney is getting some of the same treatment as Santorum for locking his dog in a travel kennel tied to the top of his car for an 18 hour trip to Canada.

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