Ten Stories About Smoking

Ten Stories About SmokingI have a suspicion that this book was sitting prominently in the library’s Quick Choice section because of the story ‘What’s in Swindon?’ A nameless business hotel (I suspect either the Jury’s Inn or the Menzies) and ex sex, apparently.

I mentioned the absolute brilliance of the production design of the book on Twitter — it’s got a hardback, fliptop box, with a wee (a-format?) paperback inside. This is something I’d buy for someone, because it looks so collectible (Seth Godin thinks this is the direction we’re headed, too). The author wrote back and hoped I’d enjoy the contents as much as I did the packaging.

And yes, I did. I read the collection in two sittings. It was pretty delightful in its own quirky way. Although it made me start thinking about smoking again. Which is bad. I actually considered locating some herbal cigarettes, and then I remembered I tried them once in 1998 when I was volunteering at a theatre group and they were mank.

Anyway. Good book. I look forward to seeing what else he has in store.