Arctic Chill

Arctic ChillI was quite pleased to find another Arnaldur Indriðason novel in the library, this one’s called Arctic Chill. A young Thai boy is found stabbed to death, and Erlendur, Elínborg, and Sigurður Óli try to find out who, why, and where. They aren’t helped by the victim’s mother, who almost immediately hides her other son, even though he may have important information about the crime.

I’ve seen a really negative review of this novel, because — to be honest — nothing much happens. No great evil is uncovered, no massive conspiracy is unmasked. Instead, Indriðason gives us an account of an Iceland in transition, with the poor boy’s untimely death merely a horrific side effect. SO if you’re after action and adventure, you’ll be bored to tears. If you’re after something realistic and atmospheric, this is a great novel to while away a weekend when the weather is shocking.