What we’ve been watching

Neil and I are currently obsessed with The Killing — the original Danish one (Forbrydelsen). BBC Four is doing a catch-up right now, and we’re down to the final four episodes. The last few weeks (Sunday – Thursday, 10-11pm) have been completely off-limits to any interruptions.

My favourite character has been Theis Birk Larsen (what an incredible actor), with Troels Hartmann coming a close second (I actually find him a bit dishy).

They joke about Sarah Lund’s jumpers, but I kind of like them.

And we’ve both tried, on separate occasions, to watch the American version (which is on Channel 4). It’s pretty much a soap opera.

The original and the best, I say. I cannot wait for Forbrydelsen II, which I predict will be starting very, very soon.

3 thoughts on “What we’ve been watching

  1. I have also been watching the Danish ‘Killing’ on BBC4, the last episode tomorrow. Really good acting and very tense. Thanks BBC4!

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