Any Human Heart

Any Human HeartI absolutely adored the miniseries based on William Boyd’s novel. In fact, I now have a slight obsession with Matthew Macfadyen, who was so brilliant as Logan Mountstuart.

Now, I did not have super-high hopes for this. I read Restless and was thoroughly unimpressed, but then I also read that it was Boyd’s ‘commercial’ novel, and since I loved the series so much (enough to sit and wait for it to be broadcast on the teevee rather than watch it on 4od) I thought I’d give it a chance.

Why do we love diares and journals so much? If LMS (the acronym given to Logan Mountstuart in the footnotes of the book) were a real person and alive today, he’d blog. He would have met all the A-list (heh) bloggers at various conventions and been invited to the White House.

But anyway, back to the novel. I could hear, in turn, Sam Claflin, Macfadyen, and Jim Broadbent’s voices as I raced through the story (read while in Bali — what a great place for it). I’m happy to report that I was totally immersed and not tsking and feeling annoyed like I did with Restless.

In this case, the book and film complement each other perfectly (Boyd wrote the screenplay, too). I fell a little in love with Logan for his handsomeness on-screen and his candour on the page.