The Complete Brigadier Gerard Stories

The Complete Brigadier Gerard StoriesI’m a Sherlock Holmes fan — not madly, but I do enjoy reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s preposterous detective. So when this reissued, complete collection of stories by Conan Doyle came into the office, I snagged myself a copy.

It’s hilarious. Gerard is completely oblivious to how ridiculous he is and truly believes that everyone has as high an opinion of himself as he does, and if they think he’s a joke, whatever mission or adventure he’s been sent on will soon change their minds. Ha!

It strikes me that this fictional Gerard was a very lonely man, who sat in a coffee shop and told his stories to anyone who’d listen. I’m not sure what French-British relations were like at that point in history, but I did enjoy it and given the Hollywood addiction to adaptations, I’d nominate someone like Rupert Grint to play Gerard — he’d be really good, I reckon.