The Magic Roundabout

There’s news. Oh yes, there’s news. Neil has started a new job, which is very exciting. The not-so-fantabulous news is that it’s in Swindon. That would be a place that’s not very close to Edinburgh — it could be further apart and still be on the British Isles, but not by much. I take comfort knowing that we don’t live in the Outer Hebrides and he isn’t working in Brighton.

He’s moved down there for the duration of his contract. It’s very weird, sleeping alone and knowing you’ll be sleeping alone for more than a couple of nights. It’s springtime and it’s not quite as cold, but it’s so quiet all by myself. The good news is my mother is coming for a visit so I’ll have some company, and the even better news is that I’m going to work at the London office occasionally for the time Neil’s based in Swindon. I’m very keen to check out this new city and maybe even see the Delboy and his family at least once over in Cardiff.

Also, now that I’m on my own I need a schedule, otherwise I’ll spend all my time playing with the computer and looking at recipes online instead of doing the part that would be more useful, i.e. actually feeding myself. Neil’s warned me more than once to make sure I eat (my mother knows exactly what he’s talking about), and I need to make sure I keep the place clean and tidy as well.

People who know me know I’m a wee bit spoilt. I’ve never had to do much housework. So after shuddering at episodes of How Clean Is Your House? and promising Neil the flat won’t end up a cowp, I’ve created a cleaning schedule, meant to break the sheer horror of housecleaning into manageable wee tasks. Isn’t that adorable? I’ve got alarms set on my phone to shake me out of my Internet- or teevee-induced stupor.

This could make me more houseproud and I may eventually find the daring to participate in a potluck or cook a meal for other people — people who have functioning tastebuds — at some point in the future. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you, but miracles could happen.

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  1. Big congrats to Neil! Good luck with the cleaning, I can totally relate to being the non-cleaner and letting things go to hell when they’re away. Hope you enjoy the solo time… absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that :)

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