Anyone You Want Me to Be

Anyone You Want Me to BeThe subject of John Douglas’ book — Anyone You Want Me to Be — is John Robinson, a consummate con artist and serial sexual predator and killer. He went from scheme to scheme to con people out of money and had absolutely no conscience about it.

… does that sound vaguely familiar (*cough*Michael See*cough*)?

The only difference is this guy was smart enough to swindle strangers, not friends and family and burn all his bridges. Robinson is also a serial killer, sexual predator, and is into BDSM. I hope to Deity I don’t ever have to find something like that out about my biological father (i.e. seeing his ‘bag of tricks’ and finding out his Internet handle is Slavemaster… *shudder*).

What’s most important about this book (and it isn’t its excellent writing) is the warning about Internet interaction. It may seem quaint where they talk about email and online chat, but in our age of oversharing it’s so much more likely to think you know someone intimately when they are merely playing a role.

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  1. Bet you didn’t realise it was so relevant to my life…!

    Note to all: Maria bought me the book for Crimbo. Not the most festive topic but right up my alley!

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