Good Night, and Good Luck, Fargo, and The Man Who Wasn’t There

I love popcorn.

How cool is David Strathairn in Good Night, and Good Luck? This is a great film and totally worth watching and re-watching. Mainstream television today is really only about entertainment and people here care more about Jedward (there was a long queue outside Campus two Sundays ago because they were appearing) than the country’s virtual bankruptcy.

The Cameo was screening a double feature by the Coen brothers (we saw A Serious Man last week). I think they’ve lost their mojo, these early films are so much better. The double feature started with Fargo and everyone predictably laughed loads at the frequent “Yahs”. It’s a goodie.

But really, I went to see The Man Who Wasn’t There, by far my favourite Coen brothers film. One thing I love about neo noir (not that I’m an aficionado) is that fairly dramatic things are going on, but it’s monochromatic and the narration is usually rather flat. Ed Crane is a brilliant character.