Legend of a Suicide

If you were tuned into the Penguin publicist Joe Pickering’s Twitter feed over the last several months, you’ll have seen his talking up of David Vann‘s Legend of a Suicide. I swapped a proof of Bunny Munro for a proof of Suicide a couple of months ago. Now that publication is imminent and I finished the book over the weekend…

Legend of a Suicide is highly distressing. It’s a series of stories dealing with a father’s suicide (I’m not spoiling anything by saying this). The one set on Sukkwan Island is the one that left me shaking (on the inside) and I still think about it now. I imagine it was really cathartic for the author to imagine this alternate scenario, but it freaked me the hell out.

The other stories are good, but Sukkwan Island is a must-read. Don’t touch this book with a ten-foot pole if you’re of a fragile disposition, though. It reaches into your guts and ties your intestines around your heart. Then bounces your stomach around for a bit.