Scottish slang of the day — BOAK

I like how ‘boak’ is used like a Chinese word, it’s a verb and a noun all at once.

The most popular use appears to be, “_____ gave me The Boak.”

Here, clearly, it means _____ has given our speaker a feeling of nausea.

You can also say that someone (or yourself) Boaked. I have Boaked many times in my life, most notably in front of the church I used to attend (in the drain, lah, I’m not so disrespectful of other people’s property, even when I’m hammered).

Here is an image of The Boak:

Turtle spew

Solomon the tiny turtle drank a lot of Edradour whisky, and it gave him The Boak. He Boaked, and got Boak all over the table.

I’ve never heard of someone Boaking, though.

5 thoughts on “Scottish slang of the day — BOAK

  1. It's appears like a description of the sound sometimes made during the aforementioned action… like to 'ralph', or to 'barf', to booaaakkkk… ergh!

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