Buying into the hype

I really like my industrial diamond ring. It’s chunky and not delicate at all. It’s girly, but not really. If I had a picture I would show you. It appears, however, that not many people are as enamoured of synthetically-produced diamonds as I am.

Naturally, I’ve vented about this more than once. The immorality of conflict diamonds are one thing — I just do not buy into the perceived value of diamonds that have inflated prices beyond (my) belief. Diamonds are nice, sure, but other stones are pretty, too. I just cannot accept that something that is personal adornment could or should cost that much.

So if I buy diamonds, I’m going to buy from places like Gordon Max (when they’re on sale). I will help people in places like Africa by supporting causes that promote micro-financing, skills training, or childrens’ education (I saw the teevee special on Petero Byakatonda the other night).