Awww, poor convicts

I’ve been semi-fuming at this all day: Payments for prison ‘cold turkey’. For those who haven’t heard or read the news, basically, convicted criminals were suing the Home Office because once in prison, they had to go cold turkey. It was claimed as assault and a breach of human rights. The case was settled out of court, to “minimise costs to the taxpayer.”

FUCKING HELL. These convicts should try spending some jail time in Singapore. I wager that any prisoners who tried this stunt in Singapore would be laughed out of court and their lawyers threatened with punishment for wasting the judge’s time. Prison is not a drug rehabilitation centre, nor is it a holiday resort. Prison is meant to be punishment, isn’t it?

(I know it’s meant to rehabilitate as well, but let’s be realistic.)

I cannot believe that public money gets spent on this kind of nonsense. At least I’m not paying for it yet.

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