How convenient, this timing

I’m listening to the Bush speech live. So Rumsfeld was finally determined to have outlived his usefulness. And now Bush is going to make big crazy proposals to appeal to voters and blame the Democrats for blocking progress for America. Or something.

4 thoughts on “How convenient, this timing

  1. I’m amazed you can tolerate listening to that guy. Was he at all conciliatory or apologetic? If he’s smart, he’ll do a Schwartzenegger – the Governator just rolled to victory here in a bad year for Republicans by transforming himself into a bipartisan moderate.

  2. Democrats blocking progress for America? What a shocker!

    I mean, it -is- in Bush's time that Roe vs Wade came under threat, civil liberties are curtailed, stem cell research gets blocked and Paris Hilton releases her CD. On top of that, it doesn't look so good overseas as well – Guantanmo Bay, Iran and Iraq, and the ever elusive Osama..

    I guess if that's what a Republican calls progress, then I'd take the Democrat's regression anyday. :)

  3. Jeff, I don’t hear Bush that often, but it was fun to see him speak NOT completely from a script. He was conciliatory.

    Lisiepeasie, aye. It’s politics, isn’t it?

  4. Rumsfeld was thrown under the bus when it was apparent that a sacrifice was necessary after the overwhelming Republican loss of seats in Congress. A military newspaper/newsservice repeated its call for him being removed. I think the unhealthy Cheney is now the only former Nixon administration stooge left in the Bush Whitehouse. Rumsfeld’s replacement is a Bush family pet so I do not expect things to change much. It is slightly ironic because there were some charges of Robert Gates leaking info to Saddam during the Iran/Iraq war.

    Even though he had a lame opponent, I was stunned at the magnitude of Herr Gröpenfuhrer’s victory. I think he said “mandate” about three dozen times in his victory speech. I guess he is getting Alzheimers like Raygun because his pet initiatives all failed miserably in the previous election. At least I know that my vote for the Green Party candidate Peter Camejo was not close to being the deciding one.

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