On nakedness and the Internets

Posts from Tomorrow, Sarong Party Girl Un-saronged and Ode to nosy reporters, show a bit of a shitstorm that’s occurred.

I’m not a big fan of her weblog, I think she’s trying too hard. That being said, there are people defending her because they say she is a good writer. Since I’m not able to read the Straits Times from Xiamen, I will presume that the article was all shocked and moralistic in tone, and paid no attention to the merits of her site.

Why is anyone surprised? Why would her writing skills be the focus of an article (or commenter) that castigates someone for offending Asian values (once again, I assume)? Our ‘Asian values’ appear more to be expectations of our life cycle:

  1. born to parents who are married
  2. go to school and study hard according to whatever fad it is the education system wants to tackle to stay ahead; no matter if it changes mid-course, it’s our duty and obligation
  3. go to NS and/or university and study hard, maybe meet some members of the opposite sex, but remember, studying is the most important because it will get your foot in the door of that illustrious career
  4. get a job, get married to someone of your socioeconomic class, pump out some rugrats (at least three, please)
  5. retire, die

We are supposed to be diligent, squeaky clean, docile, but creative when the government wants us to be. Nowhere in our lives are we supposed to pose nude and post the pictures on the Internets. At no time are we to say, Fuck it, and get filmed trying to break some record for the world’s biggest gangbang. Nowhere is it mentioned that Asian people (men) seem to be far more depraved than others (I present Japan’s weird fetish bars and Asian businessmen visiting China who expect prostitution to be part of the entertainment), because it doesn’t jive with the ‘values’ shtick. Not that non-Asian men (or women) don’t do it, but IMHO, Asian men are so much more repressed, so that once they get to cut loose, they really cut loose.

I’m probably not articulating my thoughts too well. It is not at all surprising that the editorial line is strong disapproval for SPG’s exhibitionistic tendencies. It is not at all surprising that many Singaporeans share these tendencies. We are a repressed people. Publicly, we will make upset noises and mutter, What is this girl thinking, but privately, SPG’s polyamorous lifestyle is probably on our most-read bookmarks. Along with all the other porn sites we secretly visit. And our girls in the KTV lounges (well, I don’t have any, I’ve never been to one and I don’t intend to start the habit, plus I’m not an Asian businessman).

Why the decision to post the, er, post on Tomorrow started some controversy is a mystery to me, frankly. I think people are beginning to have expectations of the site, especially an expectation of responsibilities and obligations. And judging by the comments to the posts, SPG’s nipples sure were a topic of interest, and so it was the right decision to publish.

(Just for the record, I’m not about to post pictures of myself in the nuddy. There are some things I will never do in my life, dancing on the bar at Carnegie’s and posting naked pictures tend to rank right up there.)

As long as she’s happy with what she’s doing and isn’t hurting anyone, more power to her. If she wanted to attract more publicity and be exposed (hehehe), that’s her business. She’s obviously not afraid of people finding out who she really is. It’s her decision, and she alone should be the one to make it.

Update: Dominique and Val have both shown me the full text of the article. Thank goodness I was wrong, it’s not preaching down to us from on high.

11 thoughts on “On nakedness and the Internets

  1. There is nothing wrong with posting nude picture. I totally agree. Tits are harmless bits of human anatomy.

    The problem is in its intepretation.

    If you read the linked post and the first few editors comments ,It seem to say, "These are Tits! They made me excited! I wish this is the breakthrough for more nude pictures and tits for us guys to ogle and to make our day!!"

    It has absolutely nothing to do with posting nude pictures, artistic writings and debating the merits of porn and art. The entire list of comments (except for some of DW comments I feel) are sideshows and people (and the media) chose to read it the wrong way.

  2. I think the simple fact that her photobucket bandwidth limits have been exceeded prove your point about there being interest….

  3. Hmm, you said you won't post nuddy pics of yourself. Are you taunting us, saying you took some and now won't share them? You are a bee-yoo-tiful butterfly after all! ;)

  4. Gone Fishing, it's only my opinion, but I think someone like Cowboy Caleb, who I think was the one who made the post on Tomorrow (and the original post linking to SPG was… Urban Male?), isn't the type who is starved for porn. My impression is that Tomorrow is meant to be a fun site, pointing out things in Singapore, or Singaporeans, that are interesting, for good or bad. You're right about some of the comments. SPG's photo is really nothing compared to what is available. Some commenters may have taken it too seriously. That's not Tomorrow's fault.

    igakunogakusei, thanks for the pointer. I also got the full text in an e-mail from Dominique. And yes, it wasn't overtly moralistic. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

    Eldan, oh yeah. If you didn't get to see the picture, it was nothing. It's the kind of shot that would not be out of place in a photography magazine or coffee table book.

    Terry, sweetheart, nope, no nuddy pictures anywhere. Sorry to disappoint! (o:

  5. We are a repressed culture. I didn't think it was to this extent though, which is why this incident surprised me so much. Interesting to note how most of the women react though (you seem to be an exception).

  6. Er, pardon my ignorance, but how did most women react? Horror? Outrage? Maybe it's in jealousy that they don't have the guts to do it themselves? (I certainly don't have the guts to do it.)

  7. Well, I don't say SPG doesn't write well, she does, but it is pretty typical 19 year old stuff. At least she is articulate though.

    Besides the point though. Up to her to post a photo of a papaya in an inappropriate place if she wants.

    WRT Andrea's question, my reaction was indifference – it's not what I think is one of her better photos. But some women… well, very jealous and mean one lah.

  8. Damn people, just let the bitch take her cloths off if she wants to…its a free country, live and let live…

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