This, I liked

Unfortunately, while this meme calls for ten, I can only claim I’ve seen six seven of IMDB’s 100 worst films:

  1. The Avengers has Ralph being his suave self (*swoon*), Uma in a catsuit, and Sir Sean in a bear costume. What’s not to like?
  2. Streetfighter is yet more evidence that Kylie should stay away from acting and spend more time designing sexy underwear. And modelling it.
  3. My excuse is my sister was really into American crap as a teenager, so we had to see Mannequin: On the Move.
  4. Jason Bateman was in Teen Beat (or was it Tiger Beat) a lot. Teen Wolf Too was obviously a must-see.
  5. I’m fairly positive I saw Shanghai Surprise, but I must have blocked it out of my memory. Again, I blame my sister, who was a big Madonna fan a decade ago.
  6. The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was part of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre box set I purchased not too long ago. Almost-stars in a kitsch American slash-em-up. Classic.
  7. Update: (added after TuTu pointed out it was listed) I was forced, against my will, to watch Jaws 3. Even a masochist like me has to draw the line somewhere.

Via Pax Nortona, who’s only seen two. Wuss.

(I don’t see Jaws 3 on the list, and that is a complete waste of celluloid.)

10 thoughts on “This, I liked

  1. When you've had 19 root canals, deep cleaning, and an dental implant, you may call me a wuss.

    Whatever happened to the stickpin you used to keep in your tongue?

  2. I can list 26! Amazing what crap you will watch when you can't get real TV in Xiamen.

    (Jaws 3 is listed as Jaws 3-D)

    I don't see "Attack of the Killer Tomatos" or the "Troma" films on the list.

  3. 19 root canals? Sounds like someone has issues with personal hygene…

    The list is heavily weighted towards recent movies. I think I have seen 27. It is hard to say because I might have slept through a couple. Some titles are very familliar, but I do not remember the listed plots. Apparently You Got Served was "memorable" enough that they made a South Park episode to parody it.

  4. Terry, Joel has had lots of problems in that department. I don't know why. I remember when we first started talking in… er… '96 or '97, he was suffering from them then.

  5. o_O

    I've seen, *ahem*, 36 of them. Yeah, i know, and some of them i actually enjoyed and tell people to watch.

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