Sales must be slow

I really don’t understand this “right hand diamond ring” nonsense.

What a piece of crap. If women are truly independent, they wouldn’t be superstitious about buying a diamond ring if they want one, for any finger on any hand. It’s not something defined and prescribed by some jewellery designer who wants to make an extra couple of thousand per hipster-wannabe.

It’s so fucking full of shite, this bloody sales gimmick. It’s so fucking transparent, this ploy to get women to spend more of their income. I’ll buy a fucking diamond ring if I decide I want to afford one, I’m not waiting for anyone to decide to give me one.

Except for my 21st birthday present — thanks, Mum. Ooh. I wore a diamond ring on the third finger of my right hand between 1997 and 2003, when it got stolen — does that mean I’m far ahead of my time?

“A woman can express herself with a right-hand diamond ring,” says Scott Kay, a jeweler known for his bridal creations. “It also lends itself to fun and fashion.”

Full. Of. Shite.

I’ll tell you this, girls (boys, too, if you’re into jewellery). Buy a diamond, a sapphire, a ruby, a tanzanite, whatever your favourite stone is, ring. Wear it on the second finger of your left hand, and extend that finger to anyone who thinks you should only wear jewellery according to what designers and jewellery retailers say. It’ll be a whole new trend, the FUCK YOU left hand ring.

6 thoughts on “Sales must be slow

  1. I remember thinking, "does anyone actually buy this BS?" when i first saw the right hand diamond ring deal.

    Women have been buying themselves jewellery for years! I'm imagining the right hand ring idea came around when some sharp marketing person noticed chicks wearing it on their right hand to avoid the usual public outcry if they'd worn it on the traditional marriage/engagement fingers. But seriously… taking all that profound cultural knowledge into question, is that ad working because Carrie (or one of the others) does it on Sex and the City?

  2. What a load of rubbish. Of course, if you are the type of person who works with their hands like my wife and I do, rings tend to be a bit of an annoyance. I can no longer remove my wedding ring due to some joint expansion and her's would not go back on after her pregnancy untill we got it expanded. Digit rings are a pain.

  3. I agree.

    But, you know, some people don't buy into "non-traditional" things (not that wearing a diamond ring on the right hand is all that revolutionary, anyway) unless it is touted as being "cool". Because some people need that extra security that they won't get laughed at. Or something.

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