Lucky me

Tomorrow marks National Day in China, and everyone is supposed to get seven days off work. Good, eh?

But. The actual number of holidays the government has thoughtfully provided is three — five, when you include the weekend. In order to encourage domestic tourism, they bump up the break to seven days, but do not actually give anyone extra days off. We have to work Saturday and Sunday next week to make up for the extra days they have thoughtfully forced on me to stay home. That means eight days of work without a break, two weeks after my trip when I worked for 15 consecutive days.

I’m lucky, though, other people have been instructed to report for work for 12 straight days through this Golden Week. And I’ve heard of others who’ve worked every day for a month.

5 thoughts on “Lucky me

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  2. The beatings and holidays off that you have to make up will continue until morale improves. ;o)

  3. Well, can't say it's the same in Europe. Here we leave early on Fri. I can normally leave about 4pm. Unheard of compared to my Singapore experience of meetings at 7pm on a Fri evening!

    I would definitely say that Asians work the longest hours but not always in a constructive and organised manner!

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