9 thoughts on “Human-to-human transmission

  1. Whenever you pack animals and humans that close togher, the <chicken> shit will eventually hit the fan. I recall as a child on my granfather's farm, one of his chickens (of 50) had fallen ill and died. That was a death sentance for the remaining 49. We spent a lot of time plucking birds and such. These were free range birds too. Not the tin-shack with thousands you see in photo's all the time.</chicken>

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  3. Maria: heh.

    mdmhvonpa: that's what my mum always says, our sins of cruelty are coming back to bite us in the bum.

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  5. Funny, the only thing ST carried on it was a column accusing the WHO of *downplaying the threat*.

  6. Grace, that's interesting. That means Singapore is back on panic stations?

    Anyone in Singapore care to tell us what the prevailing opinion is there?

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