Yoga for Wimps

yoga for wimpsNeil calls this “that yoghurt thing you’re doing”. I must claim not to be flexibly impaired, for a start. I was a gymnast back in the day, I’ll have you know. The fact that I have the grace of a drunk cocker spaniel puppy shouldn’t count for anything. I have long limbs and hyper-extended joints (ask anyone who knows me about my scary elbows). However, the years have not been kind, and in Neil’s words, I’m falling apart.

I tell him at least once a day how he’s stinky, so I guess we’re even.

I picked up Yoga for Wimps while I was in Shenzhen, fully intending to use it. Since I am very prone to injury, going straight into a yoga class might not be the best for me. Also, using a book at home is free, and a yoga class very normally is not. So I started doing wimpy yoga on Saturday (my favourite so far is the ‘dead bug pose’), and the first thing I noticed is how stiff my hamstring muscles are.

I’d like to use Neil’s Armani ties in the exercises, but strangely enough, he said no. What kind of supportive boyfriend is he, I ask you?

Yoghurt has so many benefits.

4 thoughts on “Yoga for Wimps

  1. Is this a way of saying you are going to start posting pics of yourself in interesting poses wearing skimpy outfits? ;o)

  2. Damn … I can see my toes, but getting to them is rigt out of the question these days … no more shoe-laces for this old man. I tend to agree with Neil … yoghut.

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